Friday Night Fights: Seven In One Blow!

Tonight marks the final installment of One Panel of Pain, a theme that I’ve had a lot of fun with over the past few months. So while we’re all looking forward to the next theme, let it never be said that the ISB let this one pass without going out in style!




The One Man Army Corps beats people up pretty much constantly in the pages of Jack Kirby’s O.M.A.C., without which no fan of awesome should be.

Spooktoberfest Special: This Costume Is “Techno-Active!”

Sure, Halloween might have been yesterday, but as anyone who’s seen me around Christmas and my birthday knows, I don’t see any reason to actually stop celebrating once the date has actually passed.

Yes, like Rachelle, my Spooktoberfest celebrations were extended by an extra day, but instead of a party, I had the far nerdier excuse of the After-Halloween sale at work. So, in order to keep the party going, I decided to dress up as the one and only Jack Kirby!



“Hey! I forgot to draw the senses-shattering cosmic thunder on this page!



“Ah, that’s better!”


It’s obviously a pretty simple costume, but I’ll admit to preferring stuff that can pass for normal clothes in the inevitable event that I’m the only person who bothers to dress up, which I was. But it was fun, and it gave me a chance to use the ideas some pals and I were batting around for Dr. K before he settled on Solomon Grundy.

For the record, here’s the original:



So what’d you guys do?