[Due to my busy freelance schedule, I didn’t get to do a fake redesign for this year’s April Fool’s ISB, but I think I made up for it at ComicsAlliance with four BREAKING NEWS!! posts. The biggest one, of course, started out as this week’s installment of Great Comics That Never Happened, which Rusty laid the groundwork for by saying he couldn’t make the deadline on Twitter. It’s called living the gimmick, son!]



Normally I promote my ComicsAlliance articles as they go up, but apparently today was the day that every major publisher decided to kick off the new month by making huge announcements, and I’ve been swamped. So much has been going down–like the announcement of Mark Millar’s adaptation of Finnegans Wake–that the rest of the staff’s been shorthanded covering the big news, and I was pulled from my usual position as a feature writer and given the job of an actual comics journalist today.

Here are the big stories I broke:

ITEM! Dynamite announces 14 new Green Hornet titles will be joining the five they’ve already solicited!

ITEM!: Bluewater to publish FAME: TOMMY WISEAU, a biography of the groundbreaking director that brought you The Room.

ITEM!: DC announces the upcoming follow-up to Brightest Day–an article made even more exciting when a source who wished to remain anonymous to protect his career (Dean Trippe) leaked the next follow-up too!

And finally, the biggest news…



ITEM!: Top Shelf has announced the next exciting installment of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Saga: America: 1988!

It was a tough one, and journalistic reporting is something that’s way out of my element, but I’ve got to say, it’s exactly this sort of crunch time that makes me proud to be part of an organization with integrity and a commitment to honesty like CA.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m taking the rest of the evening off.