Birthday Presents!



Matthew Allen Smith, who you might remember from his pin-up in the Hard Ones ashcan, brings the pain and becomes my #1 Birthday Hero 4-Ever.

Bully writes a poem that includes a reference to Megaforce.

Kevin brings me the gift of emotional content. Also, a Hickory Farms gift basket of meats and cheeses.

Andrew taps into my most secret–or to be honest, not secret at all–desires.

Dave Lartigue flexes his artistic muscles for a picture you have to see to believe!

Mike Sterling, as usual, makes it all about Swamp Thing.

Mark Hale has a blog? Really?

Dorian talks about subtext, but I’m sure I don’t know what he means.

Jeff Stolarcyk made me a card!

Thanks, guys! And thanks to everyone who came by to wish me well today, too!


For the overly curious among you, more shots from this year’s Twenty-Sixthennial can be found here.

It’s My Birthday!



By the time you read this, it’ll be August 12th, or as we like to call it around here, Christmas 2. Yes, on this very date back in 1982, my mom and dad debuted a new family member to what I am assured were mixed reviews. Still, little did they know that their little bundle of face-kicking joy would grow up to achieve an incredibly tiny amount of subcultural fame by making jokes about Destro on the Internet.

Which, needless to say, I’m totally not doing tonight.



You tell ’em, Julie!