Hipster Heroines: Because The Internet Wasn’t Ironic Enough



I forgot to link to this one in all the post-Daily Show hubbub, but yesterday, I threw my lot in with an attempt to gain Tumblr Fame (which is like regular Internet fame except that nobody knows who you are because nothing ever gets credited) by PhotoShopping up a series of Hipster Heroines!

Get on your fixy and grab a free-trade organic sandwich and learn just what Zatanna, Fire, Wonder Woman, Power Girl and the Scarlet Witch — who, I’m not gonna lie, I accidentally made like a thousand times more attractive to me — think about Portland and just how mainstream the whole “saving people” thing has gotten lately.

The Justice League XXX Cast Pictures: When Porn and PhotoShop Collide



Next month, pornography’s most ambitious super-hero movie — even more ambitious than BATFXXX and its eight orgy scenes — will be released: Justice League XXX. And that means only one thing: promotional material for me to make fun of.

This time out, it’s cast pictures, set against truly bizarre photoshopped backgrounds, featuring the (sexy) heroes and (sexy) villains of the (sexy) Justice League of (Sexy) America. And for those of you slacking off at work, don’t worry: I’ve added censor bars to the Flash and Green Lantern’s more prominent Gentleman’s Bulges.

Ask Chris #45: My. Little. Pony.



This week in my comics culture Q&A column, I wrote 1500 words about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, because that is how I roll. I feel like I should point out two things about this column: One, this was an actual question someone asked me, and not something I made up, thus proving that I have somehow found myself with the perfect audience for the things I write, and two, that given enough prep time, I can relate anything to Batman.

Also, here is a picture of me as a pony by Jen Vaughn:



Speed Dating in the Marvel Universe



Super-heroism doesn’t leave a lot of time for a social life, so today, teenage webcomic sensation Max Huffman see if super-heroes can find love in three minutes or less: It’s Speed Dating in the Marvel Universe!

Max did a bang-up job with these to the point where my writing is almost completely unnecessary — really, you know everything you need to know about the Scarlet Witch in the panel above — but it was a fun one to do. If you haven’t already, go read his comic, Mocktopus. HE’S JUST A KID, GUYS!