Blinging Out the Classics



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m doing my best to help comics gain new readers by adding in the stuff that the kids are really into: a bunch of random-ass sparkly crap to enhance the classics!

As you might expect, I find Blingee endlessly hilarious, but I’ll cop to the fact that it took forever to make these. Selecting the right garish nonsense for Watchmen is, I’m sure, at least as difficult as actually writing or drawing the original. At least.

Also, true fact: The last one on the page was made after Laura told me that the others weren’t going over-the-top enough. Enjoy!

The ComicsAlliance Mixtape: 13 Songs I Wish Were Comics



If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if musicians like Guided By Voices, the Flaming Lips, David Bowie and the Beastie Boys made comics instead of songs, then brother, have I got the post for you: the ComicsAlliance Mixtape, where I mash up 13 song titles with comic book covers for the amusement of myself and others!

This one was a lot of fun to do, mostly because “Teenage FBI” was the second song I’d picked out a week ago for the project and the last one that I actually found the cover for (the rush of glee I felt when I remembered the Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. was all-consuming, I assure you), which was nice to accomplish. So enjoy, and spread ’em around to other folks!

Super-Hero Term Papers



Yearbook week continues to roll on as ComicsAlliance closes out the school year, which is why I’ve taken it upon myself to pass out my graded versions of your favorite super-heroes’ college term papers!

This was a fun one to do–writing jokes “in character” and treating truly ridiculous subjects with an academic eye are two of my favorite tactics in the joke-making, after all–and I’m pretty pleased how it turned out. Because really, how else is Harley Quinn going to do an essay?

What’s Buffy Saying?

Those of you who are still keeping up with Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 may have noticed that the last issue was pretty much just 22 pages of people shouting plot points while Buffy and Angel got it on in low orbit.

No, really. That happened.



And that’s why today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve got six suggestions for the dialogue that was lost to the airless vacuum of space!

Career Advice For Kitty Pryde



With Kitty Pryde’s return to the X-Men this week, readers are wondering what’s next for everyone’s favorite computer genius ballerina ninja secret agent super-hero bartender, and today at ComicsAlliance, Caleb Goellner and I have a few ideas.

In all my years of reading comics, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a guidance counselor at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Marvel: Call me.

The Lantern Corps Quiz



So remember when you were a kid and you used to get really bored and you’d read your sister’s copy of Seventeen Magazine and take all the quizzes to see which member of New Kids on the Block was your dream date?



Okay, well, forget I said that, then. Instead, go check out the teen mag-style quiz I wrote to find out which of the lantern corps (excluding the ones that I thought were really boring) you belong to!

And for the record? Jordan.