While I Was Out

I just got back from New York — actually, that’s a lie; I got back, slept for fourteen hours, and watched the Royal Rumble — but while I was knee deep in snow and Famous Original Rays restaurants, I was still working on various stuff. Here’s a quick roundup of what happened while I was gone:

First up, the first Great Comic That Never Happened of 2011, with a guest plot by Dr. K and art by Dr. McNinja’s Chris Hastings and Carly Monardo!



It’s one of my favorite gags we’ve ever done as a GCTNH, and of course, it’s one I didn’t come up with. Alas!

Next, I took on the absolute kookiness of the latest storyline in Amazing Spider-Man — but not the one at your local comic shop:



The only four comic strips I read on a daily basis are this one, Archie, and of course, the two Funky-verse strips, and while Funky is always the most depressing, Spider-Man is just downright inexplicable.

Also, while I actually did this one before I headed out, I don’t think I ever mentioned it here. Someone drew 493 Pokemon as Sexy Anime Girls, and I wrote some jokes:



My final entry for last week at ComicsAlliance was, of course, last week’s installment of Ask Chris:



This week, I did an all-lightning-round special and answered over a dozen questions in rapid succession, but I think my favorite is when I tried to explain the entire X-Men franchise as fast as I could. I should do that whole “comedy” thing more often.

And finally, while I had almost no part in it other than telling someone to draw it, Jen Vaughn did an amazing Awesome Hospital pin-up:



And that’s pretty much it for last week. Which means that now, just like Jay-Z, we’re On To The Next One.