Awesome Hospital!



A brand-new ongoing webcomic from the Action Age, updated Tuesday and Thursday. Story by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims, art by Matt Digges, letters by Josh Krach.

Death Rays. Mind Control. Teenage Werewolves. When you’ve got a problem so rad that conventional science can’t help, you need to consult the specialists of Awesome Hospital. Today’s installment: The Cover. Make an appointment for the start of Chapter One, next Tuesday on

The Chronicles of Solomon Stone #2



Strap yourselves in, Action Agents: the second soul-sizzling issue of Solomon Stone starts tonight with the first eight-page chapter, featuring not one, but two of the Sensational Character Finds of 2010!

And that’s not the only debut from the Action Age this week: Tomorrow, me, Chad and Matt Digges (who drew the Solomon Stone Christmas Special) will be unveiling something new in a style that we’ve never done before! So read, enjoy, let me know what you think, and then check back in tomorrow for our next big announcement!

Who says this isn’t the Action Age of Comics?

Solomon Stone Returns in 2010!

I’ve been sitting on this cover for a while now, but now that we’re into the new year and we’re getting close to actually being done with it, it’s time to feast your eyes on the cover to Solomon Stone #2!



That’s right, folks: The long-awaited, long-promised second issue of The Chronicles of Solomon Stone is coming soon, courtesy of me and “Meticulous” Matthew Allen Smith, with lettering by Action Age newcomer “Jazzy” Josh Krach!

It’s called “Murder at Morteface Manor,” and it’s a locked-room mystery as only the Action Age could do it! Who killed Miles Morteface? What is the Rookstone Academy for the Magically Awesome? Why does Solomon harbor a grudge against his arch-rival, Dorian DeWolfe, and is he friend, foe… or both?! The answers to these questions will be revealed, and SOMEONE! WILL! DIE!

It’s the continuation of the single greatest saga of vampire literature ever created, and it’s coming soon!

The Action Age Takes on Oni’s Resurrection #8!

It just occurred to me tonight that I never formally announced this on the ISB, instead breaking the news on an episode of War Rocket Ajax. So here we go:



February’s Resurrection #8 will have an eight-page back-up story by me, Chad Bowers, and Rusty Shackles!

Hopefully, you guys are familiar with me by now, but Chad’s the writer of the Action Age comics Danger Ace, Impossible! and Monster Plus, and you’ve seen Rusty’s art on the first 15 episodes of War Rocket Ajax and at his own website. We’ve worked together before on the as-yet-unpublished The Hard Ones, but this is going to be the first thing we’ve done that anyone will be able to see, and–and this is the big deal for me–our first print comic that we didn’t make ourselves.

If you’re worried about being able to follow along, dont fret: The back-up is completely self-contained, and all you need to know it’s the book’s high concept, which is that aliens have been driven off of Earth after an eight-year occupation, and now it’s time for humanity to rebuild itself. And if you want to know more, the trade paperback of the first series retails brand spankin’ new for just six dollars.

So please, tell your local funnybook dealer that you want Resurrection #8! The Diamond order code is NOV090888, and while the issue’s already been solicited, your retailer should still be able to do an order increase to make sure you get a copy!

The Christmas Chronicles of Solomon Stone!

Merry Christmas, everybody! I got you a comic!



It’s The Christmas Chronicles of Solomon Stone: Atnas Came to Town!–an all new nine-page holiday epic from the Action Age of Comics!

Long-time ISB readers–and heck, even recent ones–will probably be familiar with my love of Christmas comics, and I even wrote one last year, marking the very first comic I was paid to write: FlashBack Universe’s Saturn Knight Before Christmas! I was thinking about that one last week, and I realized that I’d missed the opportunity to do another one this time around.

And then I had an idea.

An awful idea.

Chris Sims had a wonderful, awful idea!

I’d see if I couldn’t create a Christmas Miracle of my own, so I wrote the story you see above in a little over an hour–and it shows, I’m sure–and then set about finding an artist who could draw it on the incredibly tight deadline I had in mind. And I did.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it the hell up for Mathew Digges, who stepped in for my usual Sol collaborator Matthew Allen Smith (who is himself hard at work on Sol #2 as we speak). I’ve worked with Digges before (on secret projects that have yet to be seen) and he did a fantastic job on this one, especially since he penciled, inked, colored and lettered all nine pages in just under ten days.

And that, my friends, is a real Christmas Miracle.

So give it a read and let us know what you think, and if you still want more awesome free comics, don’t forget that Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab have returned to the world of time-travling super-scientist rock-star gorilla luchadores with El Gorgo #3, which also dropped today!

Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. at SPX!



I have no doubt that many of you have been reading my comics and thought “you know, it’s great to be able to read these for free, but I wish there was some way I could give someone money for it.”

Well, if you’re in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend for the Small Press Expo, your dreams have come true! Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. artist Chris Piers is in attendance with his pals at the DC Conspiracy, and he’s got actual print copies of WOA #1 for sale at the show!

This is your chance to not only support the Action Age, but–since the books went straight from the printer to Piers–to get a copy of something I wrote before I get it! Piers is set up in Section F (he’s got a map posted here for your cartographic convenience), and while copies are limited, he should have enough for anyone who makes it out to SPX today and tomorrow.

Enjoy it, folks, and if you do pick up a copy, thanks!