Action Age Comics: The Monster Mash-Up Has Arrived!

Monster Plus #1 is live now at the Action Age of Comics!



Click the image above to head over to the Action Age for the first issue of Chad, Nathan and Andrew’s Monster Plus! It’s twelve pages of story, PLUS an introductory text piece, PLUS a beautiful full-color pin-up by our English workhorse, Matthew Allen Smith!

On a personal note, as much as I think Monster Plus is a hoot of a comic, it did make me hate my writing partner just a little bit. I mean, I thought I had the Villain of the Year locked up when I came up with Tyrannosaurus Hex, but on page six of M+, Chad blows pretty much everyone out of the way with the sensational character find of 2009.

So get over there and give it a read, folks, then let us know what you think!

Monster Plus Goes Live Next Week!

Face Front, Action Agents!



Click on through to the Action Age today for the official propaganda for next week’s release of Monster Plus #1, by Chad Bowers, Nathan Kroll and Andrew Kjelstrup!

I wrote the press release–which you can tell because my partner has never once referred to himself as “Rad” Chad Bowers in public–but alongside it is a pin-up by Chris Nye, who worked with Chad on Impossible and one of the pin-ups for Danger Ace #0, so check it out, and be here next week when we introduce a hero that’ll blow your mind, and a villain that’s even better!

Chris Piers Responds To My Editorial Style

For those of you wondering what it’s like to work for the Action Age of Comics, Woman of ACTION‘s Chris Piers has the answer:



On a related note, I have yet to decide whether Piers should be classified as Threat or Menace.

In either case, why not head over to the Action Age today for some of Piers’s other work–specifically, some concept and design sketches for our upcoming pop-spy adventure comic, Woman of ACTION! Just click the image above and you’ll see girls, guns, and quite possibly the sweetest turtleneck sweater in comic book history!

Who says this isn’t the Action Age of Comics?!

Free Comic Book Day at the Action Age!



It’s Free Comic Book Day, so once you head out to your local shop to celebrate with some free comics of your own, head over to the Action Age to see our FCBD offering:



Click the image above to treat yourself to twelve pages of pulp-style excitement from Chad Bowers and Jerry Hinds, complete with a bonus pinup by Chris “Impossible!” Nye!

Enjoy it, folks, and Happy Free Comic Book Day!

The Next Instant Classic of the Action Age of Comics!

Since The Chronicles of Solomon Stone dropped last week, I’m sure at least a couple of you have been wondering what my next project was going to be. Well, here’s your answer!



Click the image above to get the scoop on Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N., my next full-length comic that’ll be appearing sometime in the vague, undefined future.

This is the first time I’ve worked on an Action Age project with someone who isn’t Matthew Allen Smith (who toiling away on Sol #2), but it’s been great working with Chris Piers and Steve Downer on this one, and I can’t wait to show it off. Hopefully, you guys’ll get a kick out of it too!

The Chronicles of Solomon Stone, Chapter Three: Showdown at Murdermuerte!

The face-melting final chapter of TCOSS #1 is here!



Click the image above to head over to the Action Age for the entire 24-page first issue of Solomon Stone, plus the letter column, plus not one but TWO pin-ups by Doctor Who writer/Jersey Gods artist Dan McDaid plus a downloadable PDF and CBZ of the entire comic!

With this, the first full-length comic that I’ve made for myself is done–just in time for me to start hyping the next one–and as goofy as it might be, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. Obviously, I want to thank Matthew Allen Smith (who has the unlettered pages up on his DeviantArt page, in case you some how get tired of my genius prose) and Benjamin Birdie for making it happen, but a hearty thank you goes out to anybody who responded, twittered, facebooked or linked to it as well.

As I’m sure you’ll all agree, you have been part of the greatest comics reading experience of the new Willennium.

And for those of you who crave still more Action Age, I did a two-part interview with Lady Unpleasantries over at The International Society of Super-Villains that may just have a glimpse into the future of Sol and a few of my other projects.

Enjoy, won’t you?

The Action Age Hypaganda Machine Rolls On!



My anitpathy for Valerie D’Orazio is one of the comics blog circuit’s worst kept secrets, but this week, I was able to put aside my all-consuming spite for an act of self-promotion so shameless that even I was shocked by it: an interview on Occasional Superheroine about Solomon Stone and the Action Age. Once again, my loss of integrity is your gain, as we discuss ROM: Spaceknight, The Hard Ones, and the many ways in which I threaten Matthew Allen Smith.

But that’s not the only place people are talking about Solomon Stone:


  • Mike Sterling calls it the World’s Most Perfect Comic, but since it doesn’t involve any swamp monsters, we can safely assume that he’s slightly exaggerating.
  • The Poor Mojo Newswire calls it “the most fun webcomic on the internet ever. Seriously.”
  • Jimmy Olsen’s Blues says TCOSS is “so long-awaited that your grandfather got sick of waiting for it and went off to fight the Nazis instead!”
  • John Chidley-Hill of Alternavox calls it “a masterpiece of re-constructionism.”
  • Fleen gives it a recommendation based solely on my “writing about comics,” thus proving once again that standards have never been lower.

Expect even more from the Action Age Hypaganda Machine as we head to the final chapter of Solomon Stone #1 next Wednesday!