The Hard Ones #1



If you’ve been reading the ISB since, oh, the Dawn of Man or so, you’ll remember that I was once working on a comic called Skiptracers The Hard Ones. It was the first thing Chad and I wrote together all the way back in 2007, with art by Rusty Shackles, lettering by Benjamin Birdie and cover colors by Steve Downer. Even though it’s been done for a while, we’ve been holding off doing anything with it other than printing up a few copies to show off at conventions, but this summer, we decided to put it up as a free comic over at the Action Age.

So this weekend, that’s exactly what we’ve done! It’s an extra-sized 28 page adventure, complete in one issue, and it’s totally free to download in CBZ format. Have at it!

The Hard Ones #1: Get Lucky!

If you enjoy it, let us know and tell your friends. If you don’t enjoy it, well, this is the Internet, I imagine you’ll tell your friends anyway.

Note 1: This has nothing to do with the secret project I’ve been teasing for the past couple of days. Well. Almost nothing.

Note 2: If you don’t have it already, cDisplayEX is the program you use for CBR/CBZ files, like this one and the other comics I wrote for Flashback Universe. If you don’t feel like downloading a new program (it’s free and doesn’t take much space), you can always change it from .cbz to .zip and pop it open to get at the images that way.

Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 39



In which family is complicated, especially with time travel.

Also, it occurs to me that I might not have linked out to the more recent posts with the scheduling we’ve had lately. Now I’m sure that doesn’t matter since you’re all checking in with AH on the regular and following it via RSS, but if you missed it, the main story resumes here, and don’t miss the very important Nurse Punk Rock Fill-In, Anarchy in the OR! Plus, some great pin-ups from our pals in between!

The Action Age Comics Never Look Back Never Say Die World Tour 2011 Hits Columbia! Again!



Today, my partner Chad Bowers and will be setting up at Cola-Con 2011! If you’re in or around Columbia, come by and say hello!

Cola-Con is a brand new show for this year devoted to comics and hip-hop, which is a pretty interesting combination, but one that I can definitely get behind. As far as the comics side, we’ll be set up along with our pal Jay Potts of the amazing World of Hurt, Columbia’s own Sanford Greene, and Super Pro KO creator Jarrett Williams, along with Marvel editor Jody LeHeup and more. If you can’t find us, just look around — we’ll be the ones goofing off behind a table and talking about Phantasm III. That’s pretty much how the Action Age rolls at cons.

The show runs from 4 to Midnight, so it’s a pretty solid way to kick off a weekend. For more information, check out, and hopefully I’ll see a few of you there!