War Rocket Ajax #14: Brovember to Remember!



This week on War Rocket Ajax, we’ve once again deviated from our usual format for a Bonus Stage–or should I say, BRO-nus Stage–as the War Rocket Ajax crew of bros sits down to answer your listener mail on the air!

For this special pre-Thanksgiving episode, Euge and I are joined on the mic by Ajax regulars Rusty Shackles and Matt Wilson, plus Solomon Stone artist Matthew Allen Smith joins us all the way from the UK! You’ll hear us debate the merits of Dr. Dre’s 2001, decide whether we want a teen, robot or monkey for our sidekicks, compare Futurama to Tony Jaa’s Tom Yum Goong, and–at long last–find out Smithy’s opinions on Radiohead.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to everyone’s questions, but this was so much fun that we’re thinking of including a listener mail segment in future episodes! So if you’ve got questions you want the Ajax crew to answer, mail ’em to Euge at warrocketpodcast [at] gmail.com, and enjoy the show!

War Rocket Ajax #13: Spies Like Us with Chris Roberson!



This week on War Rocket Ajax, Euge and I sit down with writer and publisher Chris Roberson to talk about his work on the new Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love series, his favorite spy movies, how awesome Matt Wagner is, and which one of his novels should have a sticker on the front reading “full of gayness!”

Also, Euge and I discuss our favorite romantic comedies (yes, really), I offer up my thoughts on the most recent Hellboy mini-series, and we talk more about the whirlwind success of the Fake AP Stylebook! Plus a surprising turnabout when Big Ups are given to Haters, and Dr. K stops by to talk a little more about our trip to South of the Border!

A quick note for regular listeners: Next week, we will not be doing an interview. Instead, we’ll be celebrating the month of Brovember by inviting Rusty Shackles and Matt Wilson onto the show to answer your questions on the air! So if you want answers from the Ajax crew, email warrocketpodcast (at) gmail.com and we’ll read them next week!

War Rocket Ajax #12: Dark Reign with Twisted Toyfare Theater!



This week on War Rocket Ajax, it’s our most jam-packed episode yet, as Euge and I sit down with four of the writers behind Twisted Toyfare Theater to talk about getting away with filthy jokes, our reactions to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and why exactly Mego Spider-Man makes the perfect main character.

And that’s not all: This week, the Ajax Triple-Play returns as Euge and I are joined in the third chair by a very special guest for our mandatory Dark Reign tie-in! Plus we offer up comics reviews, batten down the hatches for a Hater Hurricane, and finally reveal our connection to the wildly popular Fake AP Stylebook! It’s our biggest episode yet, available to download or stream from the website now along with a full-sized title screen from Rusty, and up on iTunes later tonight!

War Rocket Ajax #11: Letters to the Editor with James Lucas Jones



War Rocket Ajax launches into a new month with our first ever editorial guest, Oni Press Editor-In-Chief James Lucas Jones! We talk about what it’s like to be involved in books like Scott Pilgrim and Crogan’s Vengeance from the beginning, grill him about the status of Sharknife, and discuss what kind of hate mail the guys who put out indie books get.

Plus, artist supreme Rusty Shackles joins us in the third chair as we chat about Disney Princesses, my review of Dark Reign: Punisher, the debut of our all-new segment, Gettin’ Hammered with Chris and Euge, and the ultimate answer of just who is “the perfect mixture of SuicideGirl and Hulkamania”! And of course, we reaffirm our position as the Internet’s #1 Hater Forum with another installment of Big Ups To All My Haters!

It’s available for download and streaming now, and will be up on iTunes later tonight, so listen, leave a comment, and write an iTunes review!

War Rocket Ajax #10: Halloween Special with Matt Sturges!



War Rocket Ajax creeps into a scarifying Spooktoberfest Special, with Euge and talking to writer Matt Sturges about Blue Beetle, the comics that scared us when we were kids, and the shocking similarities between House of Mystery #15 and The Chronicles of Solomon Stone #1.

And to continue our spooky shennanigans, our Halloween special brings the long-awaited Ajax appearance of Evie and Aaron from Awesomed By Comics, as the friendliest rap battle in the world culminates in what is unquestionably the strangest Castlevania trivia contest ever. Plus, a special Halloween-themed double-shot of Big Ups To All My Haters!

Head over there to download or stream it now, or get it on iTunes later tonight!

War Rocket Ajax #9: Championship Edition with Tom Peyer!



War Rocket Ajax returns to our usual format for a conversation with writer Tom Peyer! Tom, as you’ll hear several dozen times over the course of the podcast, has written some of my all-time favorite DC Comics, and I was really excited to have him on to talk about Hourman, the totally awesome DC 2000, and what it was like to interact with a very vocal fan-base at the dawn of the Internet.

And if that wasn’t enough, Let’s Be Friends Again artist Chris Haley joins us in the third chair! We’ll talk about the prevalence of Venom in the world of car detailing, comics that scared us when we were kids, and how nice it is to have advertisers that actually make good products. Plus, we’ll have reviews of both Archie and the Punisher, talk about Dell’s forgotten super-hero monster comics, and offer big ups to a double-shot of haters!

And could there be the next thrilling installment of our ongoing musical melee with Awesomed By Comics? Well, yes, but you’ll have to listen to hear it. Enjoy!

War Rocket Ajax #8: Bonus Round!

If Dracula listened to a podcast, it’d be War Rocket Ajax!



Sadly, there’s no Dracula content in this week’s soul-sizzling installment of the Comics Internet’s Most Awesome Podcast, but we do have a jam-packed show for you! Instead of our usual interview format, we’ve got Euge’s on-location report from this year’s Small Press Expo, with as many guests as he can, including our “pals” from Let’s Be Friends Again, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley!

Plus, we bring you a four-chair demonstration of devastation that sees Euge and I joined by Matt Wilson of The International Society of Super-Villains and, for the first time ever on Ajax, the Dayton Rattlesnake Rusty Shackles takes the mic and joins us on the air! Our twenty-minute discussion of The 5 Deadly Venoms was sadly cut out, but you’ll hear us talk about our appearance on a podcast devoted to Blackest Night, get my long-awaited review of the long-awaited Planetary #27, and–because you demanded it–it’s the return of the War Rocket Ajax Swimsuit Special!

This week, it’s the crew you gotta hear to believe, with one, two, three, no four MCs! Do you dare miss it?