War Rocket Ajax #156: That Means I Win with Justin Aclin

Ajax156There are very few forbidden topics on the War Rocket Ajax Podcast, but this week, we take on one of the few: A discussion about S*** W*** (the Space Fantasy Franchise That Shall Not Be Named Upon The ISB) with Justin Aclin, writer of a new series of Clone Wars graphic novels! Plus, Matt is spending the weekend at C2E2, and Chris is playing a game for creeps.

War Rocket Ajax #156: That Means I Win with Justin Aclin

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Read all about the Mandalorian Crushgaunt. Please note that this will take up all of your day and that while you can do it in secret, we will all be able to tell what you did.

In DOA 5, Zack goes full-on minstrel:


Obviously, we’ll have some pretty big news to discuss on next week’s show. Hoo boy, will we ever.

Chris’s Rec: Mass Effect 3‘s Citadel DLC.

Matt’s Rec: The Mel Brooks episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

Comics Reviewed: Batman Incorporated #10, Jupiter’s Legacy #1, and G.I. Joe #3.

War Rocket Ajax #103: Sayonara Sacrifice vs. Party Quetzalcoatl, with Sam Humphries



This week on War Rocket Ajax, Matt and I talk to Sam Humphries, the writer of the indie smash-hits Our Love Is Real and Sacrifice, the incoming cowriter of Ultimates, and an all-around cool dude. It’s a great discussion of indie comics, what it takes to get yourself out there, how hard you have to work and how occasionally it can pay off, with information on how he draws inspiration from everything from hangovers to cooking classes.

There is also an in-depth discussion of a man having sex with a dolphin.

War Rocket Ajax, everybody!

War Rocket Ajax #102: Rage of the Screaming Centipede with Kagan McLeod!



The ISB was down earlier this week with some Zero Cool-style hackery, so chances are good by this point that you’re already seen it because of course you’re subscribed through iTunes, but: This week, War Rocket Ajax is joined by Infinite Kung Fu creator Kagan McLeod!

If you haven’t read this comic, it’s absolutely amazing. You can read something like 250 pages of it for free online, the whole thing is $10 digitally, and it’s worth five times that in pure, awesome fun. A word of warning, though: McLeod and I get pretty in-depth in discussing kung fu movies, so this one might not be for everyone. To his credit, though, Matt Wilson did do a good job of editing out his bored sighs when I started talking about how much I love the idea of the Flying Guilloutine.

War Rocket Ajax #101: Friendship is a Sword with Rick Spears and Chuck BB



That’s right, y’all, we are back to our original numbering. Marvel Style! This week, War Rocket Ajax gets brutal with the creators of Black Metal! We talk about the influence of music on comics, the cheery story of Mayhem, and yes: I ask Chuck BB about his appearance on The Pickup Artist.

Also, in case I forgot to link to it, last week was our 100th episode, featuring a predictably disastrous visit from our friends at LBFA.

War Rocket Ajax #29: I’ll Fight You, Al Milgrom with “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush



This week on War Rocket Ajax, we hit a milestone with our very first professional wrestling guest, as Lightning Mike Quackenbush comes on the show to talk about how comics shaped his childhood! It’s a fun time, as he launches right into it with a ton of enthusiasm, and even ends up cutting a promo on the colorist of Marvel Comics Presents.

Incidentally, we figured out after recording why he doesn’t care for Al Milgrom: He’s never read the masterpiece that is U.S.1.

War Rocket Ajax: The 75th Annual Gordie Awards!



War Rocket Ajax is back for 2012, and to kick things off right, we’ve got the 75th Annual Gordie Awards for the best and worst of 2011, with categories suggested by our listeners! As a result we avoid all that tired “Best Comic” and “Favorite Hero” nonsense and go straight to “Worst Thing Laura Hudson Did To Chris” and “Best Use of a Character You Hate.” It’s a good time.

And — Gasp! What’s this?! Could it be that War Rocket Ajax is back on iTunes at last?! It is! So if you used to subscribe, please re-up and if you feel like it, write us a review.

Also, just so I don’t have to write a whole other post about it, this week’s episode of Japanese Spider-Man is maybe the best Spider-Man story of all time. There is a steel cage deathmatch, you guys. Seriously.