The Third Annual War Rocket Ajax Christmas Special!



Christmastime is here, and that means it’s time for The War Rocket Ajax Christmas Special! This year, Matt Fraction makes his traditional return to the show along with Eugene “Adam Warrock” Ahn, as we offer up track-by-track annotations for the Psychopathic Records Christmas album, Holiday Heat.

It is a magical time of presents, festivity and utter, soul-crushing horror at what we’re doing, all for you. Merry Christmas, my ninjas.

War Rocket Ajax #18: Spit In the Face of the Man with David Malki !



This week on War Rocket Ajax, Matt and I are pleased to welcome Wondermark creator David Malki !, who tells us all about repurposing turn-of-the-century art to make comics and his (completely fictional) beef with Ryan North. Also, for the first time in War Rocket Ajax history, someone compares himself to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And amazingly, it’s not me.

War Rocket Ajax #16: I’m Not a Monster with Laura Hudson and Bethany Fong



We skipped it last month, but this week, the War Rocket Ajax Roundtable is back, as Laura Hudson and Bethany Fong join us to discuss September’s big events. Plus, we talk about the full-back tattoos we want, and Laura tries to make the case that she is not, as I have often said, a monster who seems to exist solely to torment me.

No matter what evidence she provides, keep in mind: Marmaduke AND Transformers 3.