Someone Is Doing Groper

On one of his spoken word albums, Henry Rollins reads a letter he received from Boris, a fan from the Czech Republic who has a loose, yet truly amazing grasp of the English language. Rollins makes it clear that he’s not trying to pick on the guy for doing his best to get by in a second language, but with phrases like “it is for sucks!,” the letter was just too amazing not to share with the world.

Tonight, a very similar thing happened to me when I checked out my latest Twitter follower and saw what is probably the single best bio on the entire network:



@UtamaroManga, the official twitter feed of a digital comic site so that you can download it.

And the actual feed is even more amazing. Whoever’s running it offers a polite apology for the difficulty in translation…



…but seriously? There is no need for forgiveness. In providing multi-part summaries of the various hentai titles available so that you can download it, Group Zero has created something amazing. Something pure. Something… beautiful.












Forgive you? No, Group Zero, it is you who should forgive me for ever thinking I could create comedy in this language. You have shown me for the fraud I am.

Also, I’m going to need a copy of Roll Back Knock Out Ecstacy Suplex.