Chris Piers Responds To My Editorial Style

For those of you wondering what it’s like to work for the Action Age of Comics, Woman of ACTION‘s Chris Piers has the answer:



On a related note, I have yet to decide whether Piers should be classified as Threat or Menace.

In either case, why not head over to the Action Age today for some of Piers’s other work–specifically, some concept and design sketches for our upcoming pop-spy adventure comic, Woman of ACTION! Just click the image above and you’ll see girls, guns, and quite possibly the sweetest turtleneck sweater in comic book history!

Who says this isn’t the Action Age of Comics?!

The Monday Meme: Grumpus Loves Betty

This may not come as a surprise to anyone, but I own a lot of comics.

It’s a pretty obvious fact that I’ve become acutely aware of over the past few days, since I’ve been moving my collection around into a new set of boxes, but what surprised me even more than the fact that I’ve got an entire run of John Ostrander’s Martian Manhunter series that I’ve never read a single issue of was the sheer amount of Archie books that I’ve got. Admittedly, I’ve been buying the entire line for more than a year now, but still: There’s a ton of ’em.

It stuck out to me so much that I decided–as any right-minded person would–to take a picture of myself holding a bunch of them and scowling and, for reasons that were obvious at the time, send it to a bunch of my pals:



Incidentally, if it looks like I never sleep, it’s because… well, probably because I’m up late writing about the Bat-Witch or something every night.

Kevin Church was the first to respond with an image that provided tonight’s title:



Next up, Mark Hale casts aspersions on the motivating force behind my Riverdalean obsessions:



Then Dave Lartigue decided to throw in a little of the urban flava that we’ve come to expect from the ISB:



The possibilities are endless. Join us, won’t you?