Ask Chris #34: Beyond Jack Kirby’s Fourth World and the Secrets of the Batcave



In this week’s installment of my weekly Q&A column, I get asked about Jack Kirby’s New Gods, Walter Simonson, and Batman, and amazingly I managed to finish that column before I hit 40,000 words.

I’m a little wordy when it comes to certain subjects is what I’m saying here.

One thing I didn’t get around to including in the article is that Orion is frequently very funny, and has one of my favorite sight gags in comics. During the “Joker’s Last Laugh” tie-in — possibly the only good thing to come out of that particular crossover — there’s a scene where Slig of the Deep Six hits Orion three times while he’s got the advantage, then Orion counters and swears to repay Slig threefold for what he’s endured!

So you turn the page, and then it’s just nine panels of Orion punching Slig in the face. The same two panels, repeated nine times. It is hilarious. So I made a .gif of it:



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Darkseid is a Pretty Pretty Lady!



Today at ComicsAlliance, Girl Week reaches strange new heights as I take a look at the work of Ryusuke Hamamoto, who not only drew the above, but also the infamous doujinshi featuring Alan Moore as a teenage schoolgirl.

Enjoy, and seriously, if anyone out there at DC wants to get Hamamoto for Pretty Soldier Sailor Apokolips, I would read that in a heartbeat.

“In the name of Anti-Life, I will punish you!”

Friday Night Fights: KRAKADOOOOOOM!

Behold! Bahlactus rages unabated, and in the wake of his weekly fury, the ISB has no recourse but to unleash a conflict that dwarfs the infinite!! Tremble, ye mortals, for the streetwise devourer of worlds hath declared a bone-shattering battle of galactic proportions that once again rocks that which man doth call The Inter-Net!

So it is written… So it shall be done!!!










Mother Box struggles to contain the cosmic destruction of Friday Night Fights.