Summer Vacation!


That’s right, folks: I’m taking my annual Birthday Vacation a little early this year and heading up north for the next couple of days. But don’t worry, you’ll still have a little content to occupy your time while I’m gone with my yearly tradition of using my days off to post nothing but… Well, you know what they are by now.

And away we go!



I’ll be back next week, kids. Don’t break anything while I’m gone.


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And We’re Back!

Yes, I know: It’s been slightly longer than the “couple of days” that I promised last week, but, well, “Raining Blood” is really hard, and to get the five-star rating I had to play it like eight ti–uh, I mean, the new computer was a little trickier to get set up than I originally thought.

Especially the solo.

But don’t worry! The Tower of Power is now up and running, and with the advanced computing power of the 21st century at my disposal, we can kick off Year Four for real this time. For now, programs have been reinstalled and wrangled, macros have been set up, and scanners have been purchased, but I won’t bore you with the details of my struggle with technology, because the important thing is…

Well, help me out here, Spidey.


(Click For Full-Panel Awesomeness)


Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Welcome back, everybody! Actual content–or a reasonable simulacrum thereof–resumes tomorrow.