Revenge of the Purge!

The Holiday Shopping Season is once again looming just around the corner, so before you go out and spend your money buying things for the people you love, you really need to take the opportunity to give me your money and buy something for yourself. It’s a Win-Win!

To that end, here’s the latest round in the massive, ongoing purge of my comic book collection, slapped up on eBay for your purchasing pleasure:

Hellboy: Makoma, The Island, The Crooked Man and In The Chapel of Moloch: I’ve mostly switched over to trades for Hellboy these days, but man, these four minis are Mignola & Co. firing on all cylinders, and if you haven’t read ’em, you really ought to. Crooked Man is an interesting departure as it’s a Hellboy story set in the South (specifically Appalachia), but my favorite of them is Makoma, which might just have my favorite Hellboy-Repeatedly-Punches-A-Monster beatdown of the entire franchise. Well worth it.

Kull 1 – 6: Kull has always been the lesser of Robert E. Howard’s creations, lagging behind Conan, Red Sonja and Solomon Kane, but I thought this was a great little series that did a nice job combining fantasy with Lovecraftian conspiracy plots.

Savage Dragon #137 and 145: Obama Covers: Yeah, yeah, the window for eBaying these has probably passed, but heck, I still like the guy!

Amazing Spider-Man #36 (World Trade Center issue): Same goes for this one: The time for cashing in has probably passed — especially now that the bloom is more or less off the rose that is Straczynski — but, well, it’s not like I need it laying around anymore. This, uh… this is not a very good sales pitch, is it? Buy it! For America!

Iron Man: Armor Wars II: Oh man, now here‘s something to get excited about. Armor Wars II is often overlooked (and I’ll be honest, there’s a pretty good reason for that), but it is easily one of my favorite Iron Man stories ever. For one thing, it’s got the art of John Romita Jr., and for another, it is absolutely insane and has nothing at all to do with the original Armor Wars, which I also love. It’s a hoot.

Street Fighter Legends: Sakura #1 – 4: I’ve gone on record several times as being a fan of Udon’s Street Fighter books, and the Sakura miniseries is far and away the best one they’ve done. CAN YOU FEEL THE SELLING POWER OF DAN HIBIKI?!

The Middleman v.1 and 2: Another great series I’ve picked up the trade for, this is the first two volumes of Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Les McClane’s The Middleman, the TV pitch that became a comic that became a TV show that was sadly canceled and ended in a comic. Wheels within wheels, but it’s a great read.

And here’s the most shocking moment this time…



Five years after reading every Punisher comic I could get my hands on, I am finally divesting myself of the Box of Punishment. So long, my vengeful friend!

Punisher v.1 #1 – 5: Also known as “Circle of Blood,” this was the original Steven Grant/Mike Zeck miniseries, which I’ve since bought in at least two other formats. I’ve always been surprised that the Punisher movies have never just been a straight up adaptation of this story. It’s got Frank in a prison riot!

The Punisher v.3 #1 – 16: Not to be confused with Punisher v.4, in which Frank was an angel, this was the second ongoing series. It’s a little weird — it came out after the Punisher’s popularity had peaked and the cancellation of his three ongoing series and a lot of it revolves around the Punisher hanging out with the X-Cutioner — but it’s written by Suicide Squad‘s John Ostrander and it’s never been reprinted.

Punisher v.5 #1 – 12: You’ve probably heard of this one: Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s “Welcome Back Frank,” the single best Punisher story of all time (with the possible exception of Archie Meets the Punisher) and one of my favorite comics ever. I’ve bought these issues when they came out and I’ve picked them up in both hardcover and paperback in the years since, because really? You can never spend too much money on “It’s bears.”

This, however, is going to be the big one:



All My Deadpool Comics: Hey! You remember how you guys just figured out you loved Deadpool like three years ago? Well son, I was an O.G. fan, which is how I amassed Deadpool #1 – 33, 0, -1, Annual ’97 and 98, Encyclopedia Deadpoolica, Baby’s First Deadpool Book, Deadpool and Widdle Wade (the complete Joe Kelly run), and Deadpool #65 – 69, the Gail Simone run. I don’t really even need to sell you guys on this one, but they are really good comics that were years ahead of their time — especially those amazing Gail Simone issues.

So go! Buy! Help me move one step closer to Batman by financing a meal of unfrozen prehistoric mammoth steaks!

The Purge Continues!

I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who have said to yourselves, “You know, Chris just isn’t using his website for shameless shilling enough these days.” Well worry not, friends, because it’s time once again for the next round of The Purge!

For those of you just joining us, I’ve suddenly decided I have too many comics even for me, and so I’m putting a ton of ’em up on the eBay. Here’s what’s on sale now:

GI Joe: Cobra #1-4: Easily the best of IDW’s new round of GI Joe comics, this was essentially Sleeper set in the GI Joe universe, and it was awesome. Excellent espionage action that somehow also involved Chuckles, Jinx, Tomax and Xamot.

The Complete Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers: This is a big ol’ lot of all seven four-issue mini-series from Morrison’s amazingly underrated Seven Soldiers: Zatanna, Bulleteer, Mr. Miracle, Frankenstein, Klarion, and my two favorites, Manhattan Guardian and Shining Knight, as well as Seven Soldiers #0 and 1. I absolutely love this thing to pieces, and it is downright criminal that none of these characters got an ongoing after this was over. I would write you a Wonder Man/Gambit/Ravage 2099 crossover for free if it meant I got to write Shining Knight after.

Secret Six #1-6: Gail Simone picked up the torch of Suicide Squad and somehow made it even meaner with Secret Six, which is one of the most consistently entertaining series DC’s been putting out. This is the six-issue mini that came out between Villains United and the Secret Six ongoing, and it’s a hoot.

Formerly Known as the Justice League #1 – 6: Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire, Bwa-Ha-Ha, Blue Beetle before he got capped in the dome. You know how it goes.

JLA Classified #4 – 9: I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Justice League: Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire, Bwa-Ha-Ha, Blue Beetle before he got capped in the — huh. Weird sense of deja vu there. You’d better buy both just to clarify things.

Agent X #1 – 15: Do you like Gail Simone? Of course you do! Do you like Deadpool? Statistically speaking, you pretty much have to if you’re reading comics these days. If so, then you’ll love this run of Agent X, the post-name-change adventures of the Merc with a Mouth that are easily the best the character’s ever been. I seriously considered hanging onto these, but I’m giving them up in the hopes that Marvel will eventually make ’em available digitally, because seriously guys: NOW IS THE TIME. Also, in addition to the Simone issues, you’ll also get a two-issue arc by the great Evan Dorkin that features the woefully underused Fight Man, the third most Marvel character of all time.

And here it is, the big one for this round:

The Punisher #1-68: That’s right folks, the legendary Box of Punishment is being sold. This lot makes up the entire Mike Baron run of the first ongoing Punisher series, and the issues where the Punisher was briefly a black dude who hung out with cage, Baron’s last arc. These are, of course, the comics I read during my month-long binge of reading every issue of Punisher I could lay my hands on. When I came out, the Punisher was one of my favorite characters, and while I can’t guarantee it’ll work the same vigilante magic on you, it can’t hurt to ry.

What’s that? You don’t like comics? Well buckle the crap up, because I’ve got some toys too!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Palz Series 1: One of the few toy lines I ever got into was Art Asylum’s MiniMates, and Palisade’s Palz seemed to be a direct response to those. They’re neat, though, with the blocky stylings, nifty accessories, and all that stuff. Also, you know, it’s Buffy, and your life is incomplete until you own everything touched by the genius that is Joss Whedon. Give me your money.

Takara Batman, Catwoman and Batgirl Figures: Okay, no lie you guys, these things are awesome. Ultra-posable with a ton of interchangeable heads, hands and accessories, this was another batch that I almost kept, but as I’d found them in a box at the bottom of my closet, I couldn’t justify keeping them around when someone else would probably get some enjoyment out of ’em.

And hey, if you like the idea of buying stuff on eBay but don’t actually like me, my pal who does all the packing, shipping and actual eBaying has a couple of things up right now too:

HeroClix Earth-2 Superman: He’s like Superman, but old and cranky! And clickable!

HeroClix Crisis Sinestro: He’s like Green Lantern, but pink! And moustached! And clickable!

And that’s all for this time. So open your wallets, chums, and help me recover financially from my crippling addiction to snorting ground-up dinosaur fossils. It’s an expensive lifestyle, but dammit, it’s the one I deserve.

The Grand Purge Continues!

Just because I haven’t mentioned it in a while doesn’t mean that I’m not still selling off huge chunks of my collection, and this week, a few more items went up on the ol’ eBay.

First up, remember when I used to play Magic: the Gathering? No, of course you don’t, because I quit way before I started the ISB. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t relive the magic with a few boxed sets of cards I picked up back in my planeswalkin’ days:

Battle Royale – In which you summon a bunch of creatures that are then sent to an island to fight each other to the death in order to entertain the populace of an alternate universe fascist Japan.

Beatdown – While technically playable, this set is actually intended to be a bludgeoning weapon to keep other players in line during organized play.

Deckmasters – Okay, this one I actually remember. M:TG creator Richard Garfield and World Champion player Jon Finkel made decks to play against each other as the ultimate showdown. I remember reading their rationale for how they built their decks, and thinking that Finkel was taking things way more seriously than Garfield, and that that was kind of hilarious.

It’s been years since I’ve actually looked at any of this stuff for years, so those descriptions might not be accurate.

What you guys are probably more interested in, though, is this:



Batman: Harley Quinn – I mentioned before that I somehow ended up with a couple of these, and I think this is the last one I own that isn’t signed. It is, as you can probably guess, the first appearance of Harley Quinn in the DC Universe Proper (she’d previously appeared in an issue of Batman Adventures, I believe), and it’s set during the actually-pretty-good year-long crossover, No Man’s Land. It’s good stuff, but odds are if you like Harley Quinn, you know everything you need to know from the title.

The auctions are going on now, so get out there and pay for my recent trip to the dentist!

“Ira Glass” Drops Today!



As you probably know if you’ve been listening to War Rocket Ajax, my partner and pal Euge has been working on his rap album for months with DJ Ruckus Roboticus, and today the new single, “Ira Glass,” drops for only ONE DOLLAR! (You can also pick that bad boy up on AmazonMP3, but according to Euge, Bandcamp takes a lower cut.)

Guys, I kid you not: It is awesome. I would love it even if Euge wasn’t a pal, and as it is, I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop since he sent it to me a few days ago — heck, I liked it so much that I actually bought it again just now. If you like what he’s done on the show or in the Adam Warrock tracklog, then you’ll love this; it’s seriously above and beyond what you’ve heard before, even when you compare it to the demo version of “Ira Glass” that was already awesome.

Plus, dig that awesome cover art from Bashful Benjamin Birdie! It’s all flavors of awesome. And if you haven’t already, check out Euge’s first single, Starving Artist, which you can get for whatever you want to pay.

Really: If I take a break from promoting myself to promote someone else, you know it’s gotta be important.

The Purge, Part Two

It’s probably the worst possible weekend to be doing this, what with people spending their money at San Diego (or as I referred to it to my tax lawyer, “a blind spot in the eyes of God”), but my comic collection ain’t gettin’ any smaller without me doing something about it, so here goes the second round of The Purge!

First up, my runs of Buffy #1 – 20 (Jo Chen covers) and Dark Horse Conan #1 – 50 have been relisted after not selling last time. So c’monnnnnnn.

But here’s the new stuff!

The Goon (Dark Horse) #1 – 32: As far as I know, this is a full Dark Horse run of The Goon, a comic that I absolutely love. I, however, have both the trades and the Fancy Pants hardcovers, so I don’t really need the issues anymore. And hey, I hear there’s going to be a movie soon!

The Goon Noir #1 – 3: I’ve also got this set up, where other creators tell stories of Eric Powell’s creation, including a strange and reasonably awesome little prose tale by Reno 911 and The State‘s Thomas Lennon.

El Cazador #1 – 6 + Special: Remember back when Pirates were friggin’ huge there for a couple years, before Disney made a movie with Chow Yun-Fat where he kicked exactly zero asses? Well, right before that, CrossGen Comics published a pirate-themed comic by Chuck Dixon and Steve Epting (you know, the guy who drew the Death of Captain America), and for a while there it was crazy hot. I don’t know if it still is (it probably isn’t), but it actually is a pretty fun adventure comic that ended way too soon when CrossGen folded.

Adam Strange (2004) #1 – 8: This is another one that I thought was absolutely phenomenal, by Andy Diggle and Pascal Ferry. It’s a grand space adventure full of high action, missing planets, and great costume redesigns that do some sci-fi effects with Adam’s equipment, but unfortunately it was never really capitalized on, with DC choosing instead to do about 15 years worth of Rann/Thanagar War. It’s a great comic, though.

Ex Machina #1 – 43: In retrospect, I probably should’ve hung onto this one, as the series is coming to an end and I could’ve sold a full run, but, well, sometimes one gets swept up in a “Clean House” marathon and it all goes in the box. Anyway, this is a pretty huge (if incomplete) chunk of Vaughan and Harris’s long-running story of an alternate New York and its super-powered mayor, and it’s well worth reading if you haven’t already. There are also a couple of specials included in the lot.

Fantastic Four: Full Mark Waid/ Mike Wieringo Run: I’m going to go ahead and call it: This is one of the best Marvel runs of all time, up there with Simonson’s Thor and Ennis’s Punisher. Done back when Mark Waid still liked super-hero comics, this is just all-out fun storytelling, with absolutely gorgeous art from the late Mike Wieringo and a special appearance by Jack Kirby. Great stuff, and amazingly out-of-print in trade for years.

Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4 #1 – 4: And if that’s not enough FF for you, I’m also getting rid of Grant Morrison and Jae Lee’s FF mini-series. Lee’s art is a little murky for my tastes, but it’s a great FF adventure and has one of the best Reed Richards panels of all time. Also out of print, I believe.

Massive Gen13 Lot: And finally, we have this lot, which collects the entire first Gen13 mini-series and the first 19 of the ongoing including all three parts of #13, #1/2 and #0 (the entirety of J. Scott Campbell’s work on the title), as well as the 1998 annual by Warren Ellis and Steve Dillon, the Gen13 Rave special, Gen13 ‘Zine (which I swear to God reveals the characters’ measurements and is an official publication) and some other gen-active kookiness as well.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — those of you who watched the Ask Chris panel, anyway — and no: These are not those copies. I bought these a few years ago in a fit of nostalgia back when I was writing up a two-part history of the team for the ISB. So you can buy with confidence, knowing that these are unsoiled!

So there you go, another round of my comics that can be yours! Bid! Buy! Fund my habits!

The Purge, Part One

If you follow me on The Twitter, you’re probably already aware that lately, I’ve been feeling a bit confined by the sheer amount of comics in my home. Working in a comic book store for six years left me with a collection that’s probably way bigger than it should be.

That’s why, in typical Chris Sims overreacting fashion, I’m selling off a huge part of what I own, thanks to an eBay-savvy friend that’s helping me out (read: doing the work because I’m lazy). Here’s what went up for the first round:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #1-20 (Chen Covers): I’m not sure if you guys have heard of it, but there’s a pretty obscure television show about a teenage vampire slayer from a few years back, and it eventually became a comic book. I’m not gonna lie, I later became pretty disenchanted with the series, but lord knows I’m not the biggest Buffy fan out there, and the earlier issues are quite good, so here’s hoping they find a good home.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #1-20 (Variant Covers): Take everything I just said, but instead of wrapping it up in the normal Jo Chen cover, give it the variants instead. Yeah, yeah, I speculated on this one. We all got something shameful in our past.

Conan #0-50: Dark Horse’s Conan series is just flat-out awesome, but I got the trades a while back and I’ve been meaning to get rid of these. This is a full run of the book from before it was relaunched as “Conan the Cimmerian,” and it’s chock full of dudes in loincloths cutting other dudes in loincloths in half with a sword. Also, it’s got a great adaptation of my favorite Conan story, Rogues in the House.

All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #1-10: What can I say about this the Goddamn Batman that hasn’t already been said? There are a few variants in with these.

Ambush Bug #1-4, Son of Ambush Bug #1-6, Ambush Bug Year None #1-4, Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer #1: Hey look, a ton of Ambush Bug! This is actually one of the few incomplete runs I’ve ever put up (Year None is missing #5 and #7, I think, because there was no #6? Man who even knows with that book), but it’s funny stuff, if you, like me, are into Keith Giffen riffing on what was going on in comics 20 years ago and would like to see a panel of Darkseid working at McDonald’s.

Batgirl Adventures #1: I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but there was a time when this one-shot was hard as hell to find, probably because it’s one of those early Harley Quinn appearances that the burgeoning Harley Completist Market was trying to snatch up. Regardless, it’s also really good, with Paul Dini doing a fun story and the highly underrated Rick Burchett drawing the mess out of it.

GI Joe: Cobra Special (Retailer Incentive Cover): I thought this story — told symmetrically, with Tomax and Xamot splitting the book down the middle and doing mirror images of their origin — was awesome, and I also somehow ended up with the Retailer Incentive wraparound cover.

Captain America Reborn #1-6: Remember that time that Captain America got shot with a time bullet and had to go around the past until he came back and fought an army of super-MODOKs at the Lincoln Memorial? Well you can remember it again, and also give me money! It’s a win-win-win!

And probably the biggest one for this time around…

Deadpool and Agent X: Full Gail Simone Run: This one barely needs me to say anything about it, but just for the record, this is the best Deadpool has ever — and likely will ever — be again. As much as I liked the Joe Kelly run as it was coming out (look for that soon), Simone took the book to the next level of comedy and action, with the only bad thing about it being that it somehow managed to come before Deadpoolmania hit like a freight train and only lasted a few years. It’s great stuff, and I’ll personally guarantee it*. Plus, as a special bonus, I’ve included the two-issue Evan Dorkin Fight Man story!

Note: Personal Guarantee will not result in any return of money. If you don’t like it, you’ll just have to admit you’re wrong..

So there you go, the first round in the ISB Summer Fundraiser/Grand Comic Book Collection Purge. If you’ve got lots of money but don’t have lots of comics, I can help you with that.

Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. at SPX!



I have no doubt that many of you have been reading my comics and thought “you know, it’s great to be able to read these for free, but I wish there was some way I could give someone money for it.”

Well, if you’re in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend for the Small Press Expo, your dreams have come true! Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. artist Chris Piers is in attendance with his pals at the DC Conspiracy, and he’s got actual print copies of WOA #1 for sale at the show!

This is your chance to not only support the Action Age, but–since the books went straight from the printer to Piers–to get a copy of something I wrote before I get it! Piers is set up in Section F (he’s got a map posted here for your cartographic convenience), and while copies are limited, he should have enough for anyone who makes it out to SPX today and tomorrow.

Enjoy it, folks, and if you do pick up a copy, thanks!