The Second Coming Death Pool



On the off chance that the review roundtable didn’t satisfy your desire to read my half-baked opinions on Second Coming, I’ve written an article where I break down the Vegas odds of which character’s going to die, from Nightcrawler to Cyclops and on down the line to Pixie.

It should be noted, however, that while I am a professional Batmanologist, I am not a professional bookmaker, so if my foolproof system fails you in your local shop’s betting pool, I’m not responsible for any debts you may incur. I will, however, claim a bare minimum of 10% if you win.

The ComicsAlliance Second Coming Roundtable



Today at ComicsAlliance, the staff–me, Laura Hudson, David Uzumeri, Caleb Goellner, Jason Michelitch, and Chris Murphy–sit down with a copy of X-Men: Second Coming #1 and review the crap out of it.

Well, they reviewed it. I just mostly sat around waiting for the opportunity to make the best/worst/best again joke about an X-Men villain’s name that I ever have. But it was fun to do, and hopefully fun enough to read that we’ll be able to do it again soon!

In Which I Analyze The Living Hell Out Of Shirtless Caveman Bruce Wayne



This morning, two black-and-white preview pages from the upcoming Return of Bruce Wayne hit the web, and as is the style with Grant Morrison’s various projects, I’ve been called upon to annotate the deeper meanings of the story before it’s even out. And that’s exactly what I have done, tying ROBW to Final Crisis through an in-depth study of Batman’s truly diabolical six-pack.

This may be one of my favorite things I’ve written for ComicsAlliance–and in general–and it’s definitely the piece that I’ve had the most fun writing in a long, long time. So enjoy, and witness the depths of my devotion.

M.O.D.O.K. Month Finale: What M.O.D.O.K. Means To Me



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m finishing off our month-long celebration of the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing in a way that i know he’d approve of: By foisting off my work onto a group of far more talented professionals.

I asked a handful of pros to respond to the question “What MODOK Means to Me” in the style of a fifth-grade essay, and the results are amazing. They cracked me up, and special props go to MODOK’s 11 writer Fred Van Lente for going that extra mile. So enjoy, and remember:

Live every month… like it’s MODOK Month.

R.I.P. Bruce Brown



I knew Bruce Brown a little through the store where I used to work. Chad introduced us shortly after I started working there, and while I wouldn’t say we were ever more friends than casual acquaintances, he was always a nice guy with a friendly smile who was fun to talk to about what he was working on. That by itself rare enough to find hanging out at your local comic shop, even when it’s not attached to someone like Bruce, who had a genuine talent.

If you knew him, you already know how much poorer the world is for his absence, and if you didn’t, your world will be poorer for not having the stories he didn’t get a chance to tell.