Wrestler Wisdom Fridays #29



Each week, the ISB endeavors to enlighten our readers by offering the unedited words of the Warrior Scholars of the squared circle, for who among us cannot benefit from the wisdom of Macho Madness, Hulkamania, or the American Dream? The instruction we offer should be considered carefully, meditated on, and applied to one’s own life for the enrichment of the self and others.

Happy Birthday, Nate Bellegarde!



Today is Nate Bellegarde’s birthday, and so to celebrate another year of the Paul Pope of Comics, a bunch of fine folks have gotten together to draw Metamorpho! This is, I believe, a supremely noble task.

You can see mine above, but for a ton of others, click on through to ComicsAlliance, where I’ve gathered a bunch, including offerings from Rusty Shackles and Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. artist Chris Piers! And Happy Birthday, Nate!

Ask Chris #19: Manga Recommendations and How To Make a Batman



It’s the first Post-San Diego installment of my weekly Q&A column, and this time out, I shockingly write a thousand words about the purity of Batman’s origin story and how small changes affect the metaphor.

I also recommend a handful of manga series to interested parties, and if you happen to be among them, here’s a handy way to pick up the ones I talk about:



You may notice that while it gets a mention in the article, there’s no link to purchase Love Hina. And that is because I don’t hate you all.

Well, most of you.

Chris vs. Batman vs. The Red Hood



Yesterday I watched the new Batman: Under the Red Hood direct-to-video movie, and today, I thought some things about it and then wrote those thoughts down in my capacity as a professional Batmanologist.

There are spoilers at the review, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that if you’re reading comics blogs, you probably already know how this goes down. If you don’t, here’s the short version: it was okay, but only just. Worth a rental or catching on its inevitable Cartoon Network broadcast, but probably not worth buying.

Which shouldn’t dissuade you from doing so using the Amazon link I provide. I gotta stay on my hustle, you know.

The Terrifying Children’s Book Art of Gojin Ishihara



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve picked out a few of my entries from a gallery CA contributor David Brothers hipped me to featuring the truly awesome children’s book art of Gojin Ishihara!

Mostly it’s made up of genuinely terrifying pictures of monsters — seriously, I can just imagine being a kid reading that before bed and having mom or dad come in and be like “Yep, that’s the monster who lives in your ceiling! Even the cat could be a demon sent from hell! Remember you’re going to grandma’s after school tomorrow, goodnight!” — but there are other bits of genius in there as well, like the “Prehistoric Man” illustrations seen above.

There’s a link to the full gallery at CA, so do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s awesome!