As some of you may have already guessed, ComicsAlliance is basically just an elaborate cover for David Uzumeri and I to try to out-nerd each other about Batman, and today, I’ve got my latest effort to top him: an analysis of the news that there are going to be two Batmen, 1600ish words examining the history of Bat-imposters and ersatz caped crusaders and what impact this is going to have on the story Grant Morrison’s been threading through his run since JLA.

As is the case with most things like this, it started as me jokingly suggesting the above title as a headline for the article, but it turned out to be a question that Laura Hudson thought people might actually want to know. Thus, the Internet’s Foremost Batmanologist is back in session.

So while the Brand Ecch news sites may have just reposted the press release and Yannick Paquette’s (friggin’ amazing) preview page, we went the extra mile! So until Caleb Goellner goes with loose fit jeans, Make Yours ComicsAlliance!

Uh, sorry. I’ve been reading a lot of ’60s Fantastic Four lately.

The Worst of Netflix: Gene Generation



It’s the Worst of Netflix One-Year Worstiversary! And to celebrate I… Well, I forgot about it until after I was done reviewing this week’s selection, The Gene Generation, a sci-fi epic starring Crank 2‘s Bai Ling:

Incidentally, we know right off the bat that it’s a dystopian future because a) everything outside looks like the bastard child of Blade Runner and StarCraft, and b) everyone’s dressed like they’re going to the worst party at Comic-Con.

Also, this one has one of my favorite lines I’ve written for the column. See if you can pick it out, and here’s to another twelve months of… me… only watching movies I hate.


Maybe not the best thing to celebrate, that.

War Rocket Ajax #40: Live-To-Tape Computer Crash Special



This week, the world’s most destructive comic book podcast was all set to have a bang-up show with Phil Hester as our special guest, but unfortunately, Euge’s computer went kaboom and derailed those plans pretty effectively.

So instead, we slapped together an hour-long live-to-tape show where Euge and I talk about comics, haters and (of course) the Wu Tang Clan, just to make sure we’ve got something for The People.

I know: Only on War Rocket Ajax could two guys rambling at each other for an hour be considered a “mini-show.” Enjoy!