The Ten Most Insane Jimmy Olsen Comics of All Time



This week, the first installment of Nick Spencer and RB Silva’s Jimmy Olsen story hits the printed page in Action Comics, and to mark the occasion, I’ve compiled a list of The Ten Most Insane Jimmy Olsen Comics Ever.

For long-time ISB readers, some of these are going to be old news — my love of Jimmy Olsen has been a mainstay of the site for five years — but there are also a few new ones in there, and trust me, it’s worth it just for #2.

Chris vs. the Justice League of Snack Cakes



As some of you may already know, Hostess has once again struck up its relationship with comics and is now offering Justice League-branded versions of some of their most popular snack cakes, including Green Lantern GloBalls. And to answer your question: Of course I’m going to eat them and then write comprehensive reviews detailing how they fit in with their representative characters. I’m Chris Sims.

So today at ComicsAlliance, enjoy the sacrifice my teeth and blood sugar have made to bring you a full-on review of the Justice League of Snack Cakes! It’s a little weird, but I was a big fan of articles like this back in the late ’90s when I’d read ’em in different places, so hopefully The People will dig it. If so, I can totally go back and get those Spider-Man Gummies and an Iron Man Bellywasher. It’s 100% juice!

Smallvillains 10×1: Lazarus



If you missed the announcement last week on the site (and on The Twitter), ComicsAlliance’s David Uzumeri came to me a few weeks ago with the idea of watching every single episode of the last season of Smallville and reviewing each one, because he was absolutely sure that it was going to be wall-to-wall craziness, hilarity, and DC Universe guest stars.

So we did, and it is.

Today’s installment is the first article of a series we’re calling Smallvillains, as we are both petty and oppositional, and we’re planning to keep it going for all 22 episodes, so if you like it, let us know and tell your friends! Because seriously, a lot of work went into that one. Specifically into finding a picture of Andy San Dimas I could actually use on the site without getting fired.

War Rocket Ajax #43: Mass Effects With Colleen Coover



At this point, we all know that Colleen Coover is a pretty fantastic comic book creator, but what you might not know is that she loves the hell out of some video games. And since Euge and I feel the same way, we asked Colleen back on the show to talk about nothing but games! So, you know, if there’s anyone out there who loves comics but just hates video games, uh, well, you should probably skip this one.

The rest of you, however, can enjoy Colleen raving about her love for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, her resistance to Red Dead Redemption, and my often-quoted love of Rockstar’s Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Just be glad I didn’t get Pokemon until after we finished recording.

It was great fun for us to have Collen back as our second-ever three-time guest, because she’s seriously one of the nicest, most fun people to talk to, and if you guys like it, we might try branching out into more theme shows (or maybe just more shows where we lament the demise of Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise later. So let us know what you think, or write up an iTunes review! Unless you don’t like it, in which case…. I dunno, complain about it on your blog or something. That’s what I did!