Smallvillains Classic: Episode 8×17: Hex



This week’s Smallville was a rerun, but rather than taking the week off from Deep Hurting, Uzi and I decided to break out some Smallvillains Classic with a look at a previous episode! We went back and forth on which episode to talk about — Uzi wanted to do the pilot and we thought about doing the oh-my-god-that-sounds-terrible Mr. Mxyzptlk episode — but in the end, as so often happen on Smallville, the male gaze won out and we watched the show’s first appearance of everyone’s favorite leggy sorceress, Zatanna!

We’ll be going back through previous episodes whenever the show takes a week off, so if you’ve got suggestions, let us know!

Wrestler Wisdom Fridays #41



Each week, the ISB endeavors to enlighten our readers by offering the unedited words of the Warrior Scholars of the squared circle, for who among us cannot benefit from the wisdom of Macho Madness, Hulkamania, or the American Dream? The instruction we offer should be considered carefully, meditated on, and applied to one’s own life for the enrichment of the self and others.

Ask Chris #35: The Hip-Hop Connection



I made sure to eat turkey, catch Santa in the parade and celebrate my annual tradition of watching Road House, but I also spent some time on Thanksgiving answering your reader questions in this week’s Ask Chris!

This time, I do my best to tackle the connection between hip-hop and comics, and finally — finally — explain my feelings about that piece of shit The Big Bang Theory in a way that is both concise and reasonable.

As always, if you’ve got a question you’d like to see me answer, just tag it on Twitter with #AskChris or shoot an email to ComicsAlliance at with [Ask Chris] in the subject line!