The 5 Most Insane Christmas Comics Of All Time



You guys might not have noticed, but I like Christmas Comics a lot. As such, I’ve got a pretty big collection of them, and while they’re all pretty crazy in their own special way — the one where the blind girl mistakes Ghost Rider for Santa Claus and the one where Ghost Rider and the Thing witness the Second Coming being a few of my personal favorites — a few of them are just above and beyond the call of weirdness.

And that’s why today, I’m counting down to Christmas with a look back at the five most completely insane Christmas Stories in comics! It would’ve been six, but I’ve covered that Jack Kirby story where Santa fights the Seal-Men at least twice.

War Rocket Ajax #50! The 2010 Christmas Spectacular! A ChrisSims Carol with Matt Fraction!



All right, Ajax fans, this is the big one: Not only is this the last episode of 2010, and not only is it our annual Christmas special, but it’s our 50th episode! And to celebrate, our very first guest ever, comics superstar Matt Fraction returns for his third appearance on the show to talk to us about his recent trip to Singapore, Grant Morrison’s Batman, his techniques for discovering inappropriate pictures of Santa Claus and the difficulties of writing 20 minutes in the future.

But that’s not all! In lieu of our regular show, this year, we present to you a Christmas Story in which I am entreated to embrace my haters, A ChrisSims Carol! This isn’t quite the lunatic variety special that had Euge and I recording every night for a whole month last year to pull off (with varying degrees of success), but it is a (somewhat) coherent narrative with a whole gang of special guests, including Euge, Evie & Aaron, Smithy, and no less than two Maxes! Plus, you’ll hear the annual Ajax present-opening, as Matt and I participate in a gift exchange of O. Henryan proportions (along with a pair of presents for Evie & Aaron too) and Christmas wishes from the entire cast.

We’re proud of it, and thank you guys for listening to me goof off on Skype for a couple hours every week. Merry Christmas!