Smallvillains 4×6: Transference



This week, the return of Smallville to new episodes was delayed, so after last week’s hatefest, Uzi and I sought comfort in the arms of John Glover with Transference, where Lionel and Clark switch bodies.

Seriously, how many episodes of this show involved people getting possessed by other people and nobody being able to tell that it was the same thing that happened last Tuesday? I’m going to guess “a large percentage of the whole.” Either way, it was pretty enjoyable, mainly because Glover plays Tom Welling like a lamb lost in the woods.

War Rocket Ajax #54: Winter Boned



This week, War Rocket Ajax hits like a hammer with a show recorded literally an hour after I got back from New York City. Wondering why I was up there? Then take a listen, as I talk about the places I went, the people I saw, and the final reveal of the mysterious reason why I went up there in the first place!

Plus, Matt and I chit-chat about things we’ve read, and turn our attention to our backlog of listener questions, which only make me more disappointed in all of you. Ajax Style!

While I Was Out

I just got back from New York — actually, that’s a lie; I got back, slept for fourteen hours, and watched the Royal Rumble — but while I was knee deep in snow and Famous Original Rays restaurants, I was still working on various stuff. Here’s a quick roundup of what happened while I was gone:

First up, the first Great Comic That Never Happened of 2011, with a guest plot by Dr. K and art by Dr. McNinja’s Chris Hastings and Carly Monardo!



It’s one of my favorite gags we’ve ever done as a GCTNH, and of course, it’s one I didn’t come up with. Alas!

Next, I took on the absolute kookiness of the latest storyline in Amazing Spider-Man — but not the one at your local comic shop:



The only four comic strips I read on a daily basis are this one, Archie, and of course, the two Funky-verse strips, and while Funky is always the most depressing, Spider-Man is just downright inexplicable.

Also, while I actually did this one before I headed out, I don’t think I ever mentioned it here. Someone drew 493 Pokemon as Sexy Anime Girls, and I wrote some jokes:



My final entry for last week at ComicsAlliance was, of course, last week’s installment of Ask Chris:



This week, I did an all-lightning-round special and answered over a dozen questions in rapid succession, but I think my favorite is when I tried to explain the entire X-Men franchise as fast as I could. I should do that whole “comedy” thing more often.

And finally, while I had almost no part in it other than telling someone to draw it, Jen Vaughn did an amazing Awesome Hospital pin-up:



And that’s pretty much it for last week. Which means that now, just like Jay-Z, we’re On To The Next One.

Superman/Batman #79 and 80: Chris Roberson Puts Suckers On Blast



One of the questions I get most from (former?) ISB readers is “why don’t you do the Week In Ink anymore,” and while there’s a pretty simple answer (because I’m busy Thursday nights doing Ask Chris), it’s nice to know that people still like it when I review comics.

Which is a good thing, because I’ve done it once again today at ComicsAlliance, with a pretty big review of Chris Roberson’s two issues of Superman/Batman. I already like the guy’s comics, but this more than anything else makes me think he and I are on the same page about a lot of stuff.

Smallvillains 6×11: Justice



In this week’s installment of Smallvillains, Uzi and I watch the much-requested episode with the Justice League, and we are not pleased.

Seriously, we asked you guys for something that was actually good, and this is what we got? Yeesh. And while I might manage to reserve my anger for the episode itself, I’m pretty sure this was the one that made Uzumeri hate the entire enterprise. So enjoy our suffering! You guys tend to do that.