Awesomed By Comics #128: Aaron, Me and Shameless Self Promotion



The Media Bltiz Continues! This week, since the lady half of the Awesomed By Comics crew is out on the West Coast engaging in a serious academic study of KISS (no, really), I got to sit in for this week’s episode, handing out awards to my favorite comics of the week! And I’ll give you one guess what comic wins in almost every category for me (hint: I wrote it).

My boundless ego aside — which I like to think of as endearing but which I’m sure all of you are getting really quite tired of by this point — it’s always fun to be on ABCP, and I had a great time talking to Aaron this week and dishing out comics reviews just like it was 2008 all over again. If you’re an Ajax listener, you’re going to hear me mention some of the same stuff Matt and I covered this week in our brief comics review section, but as Aaron says on the site, we go into “fists of power and Jims of Gordon,” and how could you not want that?

Thanks, Aaron! And enjoy!

Smallvillains 10×15: Fortune



In this week’s review of Smallville, I have finally gotten so fed up with this show that you can call me Macho Man, because I get straight up savage.

It’s the old days, the bad days, the poorly written days of the early ISB as I take this show to task for yet another movie ripoff and a complete inability to actually resolve any of the plots that it introduces so that it can flaccidly drag itself to the finish line of the end of the season with a fervor so intense that Uzi actually apologized for suggesting we watch this show in the first place. And really, that’s all I ever wanted.

War Rocket Ajax #58: Embrace the Kookiness With Jim Zub



This week, it’s the most self-promotional episode of War Rocket Ajax ever, and brother, that’s saying something! To celebrate the release of Skullkickers #6, Matt and I sit down with Skullkickers creator, Udon Studios editor and Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki writer Jim Zubkavich, and pretty much make him say nice things about me for an hour. You’ll hear about what it’s like to work with Capcom, Jim’s master plan to spin a web of up-and-coming comics creators, and the actual true story of just why the Human has a gun!

Plus, we’re joined for the very first time by a member of the Ajax Hundo Club, Ryan Holliday! Ryan sits in to talk about two of our favorite topics, WrestleMania and Spider-Man, and joins us in answering a question about just who would make it into the real-life League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, using the time honored formula of Tough Guy, Sneaky Guy, Experienced Guy, Guy With A Boat and Girl.

The episode’s up at right now and the iTunes feed should update later this afternoon, so enjoy the episode! There’s a slight problem in this episode where we have a little bit of an echo in a few segments, but hopefully it’s minor enough that it won’t ruin the show for anyone. Sorry!

The Action Age Comics Never Look Back Never Say Die World Tour 2011: Columbia, SC



This weekend, the all-new Action Age Comics Never Look Back Never Say Die World Tour 2011 launches with the very first event of this year’s unstoppable propaganda machine!

I’m going to be signing copies of Skullkickers #6 — as well as Resurrection #8, the Awesome Hospital single and the one copy of the book of essays about Legion of Super-Heroes left over from when I was working there — at Heroes and Dragons in Columbia, South Carolina this Saturday, February 26 from 12 Noon to 4 PM! If you need directions or additional details (note: there are no additional details) give the shop a ring at 803-731-4376. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a surprise appearance by AH co-writer Chad Bowers!

If you’re in the area, come out and say hi!

Ask Chris #47: How Not To Be Bored By The Incredible Hulk



In this week’s installment of my comics culture Q&A, someone writes me with the idea that the Incredible Hulk is boring, and I do my best to assure them this is not so by highlighting a long career of psychological drama expressed through the medium of breaking things.

Plus, we learn a very important lesson about me and this column: If you write me asking if you are a jerk, I will probably say yes.

If you would like me to call you a jerk have a question for me, just tag it on Twitter with #AskChris or send it via email to comicsalliance at with [Ask Chris] in the subject line.

The Justice League XXX Cast Pictures: When Porn and PhotoShop Collide



Next month, pornography’s most ambitious super-hero movie — even more ambitious than BATFXXX and its eight orgy scenes — will be released: Justice League XXX. And that means only one thing: promotional material for me to make fun of.

This time out, it’s cast pictures, set against truly bizarre photoshopped backgrounds, featuring the (sexy) heroes and (sexy) villains of the (sexy) Justice League of (Sexy) America. And for those of you slacking off at work, don’t worry: I’ve added censor bars to the Flash and Green Lantern’s more prominent Gentleman’s Bulges.