FunkyWatch: March’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean Strips



Apparently I was so mired in despair that I forgot to post about this yesterday (though I did put it on my Tumblr, hint hint), so if you haven’t seen it yet, BEHOLD! March’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean strips!

This is a weird one, though, even by Funky standards, but there’s a special bonus in there: Since there was a plot about the guy who writes Superman, I went ahead and got the actual guy who writes Superman, Chris Roberson, to give his thoughts on Tom Batiuk’s latest descent into surreality! Enjoy… if you can still feel joy after reading Funky Winkerbean.


Those of you who have been paying attention probably already know that I’m one of the writers behind the wildly popular @FakeAPStylebook twitter feed. And for those of you keeping score, none of the jokes about Batman were actually written by me. The one about The Macho Man Randy Savage, however, totally was.

Anyway, as mentioned on this week’s War Rocket Ajax, WE HAVE A BOOK COMING OUT NEXT TUESDAY!! It’s called Write More Good, and unlike a lot of the Twitter phenomena that manage to con their way into a book deal, it’s not just a collection of tweets that have been printed up and slapped between two covers. Instead, we wrote entirely new material on how to cover various topics from politics to entertainment, a section dealing with style tips and rules that have fallen out of favor since our first edition at the beginning of time (my favorite part), and even got notable film critic Roger Ebert to write us a foreword, which I do not believe he addresses his all-consuming hatred of the Mario Brothers.

If you’d like to see a little more of what we have to offer, then why not read the entirety of Chapter 3: Entertainment Journalism right now?


Write More Good by The Bureau Chiefs – Excerpt


The book will be winging its way to your local bookstore next week on April 5, but if you can’t wait to fork over your green, it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon, which brings me to my next point.

You may be familiar with the fact that David Malk!, Ryan North and the rest of the creators of Machine of Death made a successful bid to get their book at #1 on Amazon on its release date, and we’re attempting to put our meager Internet fame to work for us to do the same thing. Of course, instead of going up against Glenn Beck, we’ll be taking on the new release by Tina Fey. Sure, knocking her out of the top spot won’t quite be as fun, but c’mon. She’s got a TV show. She can deal.

Anyway, it would mean the world to us to take this thing to the top, but even if we don’t quite make it, we’ve created a great book that we’re all proud of. That said, I swear to God that if we make it to New York Times Bestseller status, I will never shut up about it ever. Believe it.

The Justin Bieber Comic Is Unsurprisingly Wretched



I don’t know what I did to Laura Hudson that she feels compelled to make me suffer quite as much as she does, but today I have been sentenced to review Bluewater’s typically shoddy biography of Justin Bieber, which is somehow even worse than I expected. It’s actually really fascinating to see them spiral further into new realms of horrible, but you don’t have to suffer yourself. I’ve done it for you!

Smallvillains 2×2: Heat



This week in The ComicsAlliance Smallville Recap, things get a little sexy as Uzi and I take on one of our most requested episodes: Season 2’s “Heat,” in which Clark Kent gets his first boner and shoots fire out of his eyes at a picture of sperm entering an egg.

Not even kidding, folks.

It’s actually one of the more fun episodes, which made for a nice change, and was something I think we really needed before we finally get on with the rest of the season in April.

War Rocket Ajax #62: War Rocket Armory with Evie & Aaron



This week, War Rocket Ajax gets completely insane (moreso than usual) as we sit down for the entire show with our good friends, the local band to our high school kids, Evie & Aaron from Awesomed By Comics! I’ve been on their show twice in recent memory, so Matt and I invited them on ours to talk about the aww-inspiring story of their romance.

This, of course, turned into me reading pages of Punisher Armory, the world’s most insane comic book, live on the show. I don’t know how. Maybe you can figure it out.

Catch all that plus the usual checks and recs at the link above, or when the iTunes feed updates later tonight!

Ask Chris #51: Because You Actually Demanded It



This week, Ask Chris pretty much puts the nail in its own coffin by offering up a blow-by-blow rundown of a My Little Pony vs. Pokemon wrestling match. And I remind you, this is a column based on actual reader questions.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t do it up right: In addition to my commentary, you’ll also get a piece of original art from fellow Pony fan Jen Vaughn, illustrating the madness. Oooooh yeeahhhhhhh.