Ask Chris #54: The Mythology of the New Gods



This week in Ask Chris, I lay out the mythology and meaning behind Jack Kirby’s New Gods, with an exploration of what they mean and why they operate on a grander scale than just about any other super-hero in comics.

I also stick to my promise to not mention Batman even once in this column, and brother, you have no idea how difficult it was to not segue from Kirby into Morrison at the end and get around to Batman being the Orion of the Fifth World. I could’ve gone on for hours.

The Best and Worst Princesses In Comics



This weekend, the world is getting a brand new princess when Prince William makes it legal with Kate Middleton, and for some reason, people seem to care about this, even though she can’t even control the weather or float.

That’s why today, I’m providing a little contrast and running down her competition in a roundup of the 10 Best (and Worst) Princesses In Comics! And before you ask, yes, I know I skipped her, but she’s from a movie. Same with Xena. Same with Celestia.



The 25 Best Action Comics Covers Ever



Today, after 73 long years, Action Comics hits the momentous milestone of its 900th issue, and in order to celebrate, I’ve gone back through all 900 issues to bring you The 25 Best Action Comics covers of all time!

As you might imagine, this took a bit of time — my original plan was to do the best panels, but as it turns out, I can’t read 900 comics in a single night. Who knew? Either way, there’s some good stuff and at least one amazing crown waiting for you over at ComicsAlliance.

Jackie Lewis’s Sad Baby Monsters



One of the people I met last weekend at Fluke was Jackie Lewis, a SCAD student whose work I’d previously spotlighted as part of the “American Panther”-inspired redesigns CA put up a few weeks ago. She had a few amazing mini-comics with her, and one of the best was Sad Baby Monsters, about… well, you get the idea. I asked if I could put them up on ComicsAlliance and she said yes, so get ready to “awww,” everybody!

Why Everyone Should (Legally) Download Chase



If there’s one thing digital distribution is tailor made for, it’s taking advantage of one of DC and Marvel’s greatest strengths: 70 years of back catalog, a whole lot of which has never actually been reprinted. Now, they’re making a pretty good step towards that by releasing Chase digitally through ComiXology, which is why I’ve got an overview of the series that shows just how revolutionary it was, today at ComicsAlliance!

War Rocket Ajax #65: Halfway Through, Set Someone On Fire with Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt



This week on War Rocket Ajax, Matt and I welcome Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt to the show to talk about their amazing supernatural western The Sixth Gun as well as The Damned (not the band) and other titles. Plus, inevitably, after finding out that they’re from St. Louis, I once again ask the dreaded question about barbecue, which is really only funny to me at this point.

Plus, we’ve got another Hundo Club member in the third chair and a listener question where we get to bash both Family Guy and Glee! Don’t miss it!

Smallvillains 10.18: Booster



This week on Smallville we finally got the highly anticipated Booster Gold episode, and… well, at this point you guys probably already know how “highly anticipated” Smallville episodes tend to work out. Hint: Not very well.

The whole thing is wall-to-wall nod-and-wink continuity references thrown in with the complete absurdity we’ve come to know and… watch for money, but the important thing here is that the countdown has begun! Three more weeks, everybody!