The ComicsAlliance Summer Movie Roundup



On the off chance that you didn’t get enough of me bitching about movies in this week’s installment of Remedial Batmanology, you’re in for a treat: Today, I’ve written up my thoughts on this summer’s upcoming comic book movies!

And even better, Laura gave me free reign to just go ahead and write whatever I want, which means that I decided to keep myself interested by ranking the movies on a unit of measurement I invented — a replacement for the ISB’s venerable Sonny Hooper scale — known as The Statham. Believe it.

Silver Age Remix: Kerry Callen and I Do Green Lantern’s War of Light in the Silver Age!



If you’re someone who likes Great Comics That Never Happened, then you’re probably going to get a kick out of the newest art feature we’ve got going over at ComicsAlliance: Silver Age Remix, in which the incredible Kerry Callen and I take a look at what would’ve happened if DC’s major modern-day event comics would’ve happened back in the Silver Age.

For our first one, we’ve got a look at Green Lantern and the Silver Age War of Light! And there’s more coming down the way soon!

War Rocket Ajax #70: Unnatural Disaster With Chris and Matt



In this week’s episode of War Rocket Ajax, Matt and I skip out on our usual format and settle in for one last hurrah before HeroesCon and some big mysterious changes that are coming for the show in the next couple of weeks!

Instead of an interview, we’re broing down with a stack of questions from our listeners! You’ll find out what we like and don’t like about L.A. Noire, a rapping/wrestling battle royale and an in-depth look at what is quite possibly our most-hated John Goodman movie. Seriously: It’s three days later and we’re still talking about it.

Plus, we memorialize the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage in the only way I know how: By snapping into a Slim Jim on-air.

It’s the final War Rocket Ajax as you know it! No show next week, but we’ll be back the week after with a familiar face and a major change for the world’s most destructive comic book and pop culture podcast!

Remedial Batmanology: Batman (1989), Part Two



This week, Remedial Batmanology picks up with the second half of our review of Batman, in which we finish out the movie and actually offer up some nice things about it as well. Of course, there’s also the sticking point of Batman straight up murdering a ton of people, but… well, the music was nice?

Either way, please enjoy several shots of Michael Keaton staring slack-jawed at something off-screen.

Ask Chris #58: Macho Man Memorial



In this week’s Ask Chris, I do something of a tribute to the late Macho Man Randy Savage. ISB readers are already well aware that Savage was (and is) one of my all-time favorites, and while this week’s column is pretty silly in its premise — because when isn’t it? — it was nice to have a platform to say some nice things. Because, you know, I don’t have enough places to talk about things already.

Also, I answer a second question with the geekiest, dumbest thing I’ve ever written. Enjoy!

In Which I Review a Fan Comic My Boss Made When She Was 9



When Laura Hudson, my boss and the editor-in-chief of the #1 Comics Website in America, was nine years old, she made a fan-comic about the New Kids On the Block.

A self-insertion fan-comic.

Guest starring Gadget from Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers.

That involves a wedding.

At the urging of the staff, she has posted the entire thing on ComicsAlliance, and I have provided panel-by-panel commentary.