FunkyWatch: June’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean Strips



It’s that time again: Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve got my monthly roundup of June’s most depressing Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft strips!

I have to admit, though, this month’s installments weren’t that bad. I mean, they’re another litany of tragedy for the characters, but since I’ve come to enjoy seeing Les be miserable over the past year, I was actually pretty happy to read ’em. Crankshaft on the other hand… yeesh.

Remedial Batmanology Hits Fan-Films With “The Death of Batman”



So basically, my boss is a super-villain.

I know this because there are very few things that she loves more than making her employees suffer through terrible, soul-searing experiences, which is why I got really nervous when she came back on Monday telling me about a truly awful fan-film she’d seen over the weekend. It did not bode well for me, especially since I knew exactly the “fan”-“film” she was talking about before she even told me the title.

Sure enough, it eventually turned into “you’re going to review this for the site,” so today, David Uzumeri and I strapped ourselves in for a half hour of pain with “The Death of Batman,” in which our favorite character is quite literally raped to make a dumb point about drugs and crime. Oh, how we have suffered for you people.

The Goon’s Greatest Hits (and Stabbings, and Gunshots…)



This week, Eric Powell’s The Goon returns from a hiatus of almost two years, and I’m pretty excited. So excited, in fact, that today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve run down 13 of my favorite moments from the series thus far!

There’s zombie chimps, unholy bastards and of course, crushing despair that even Tom Batiuk wouldn’t smirk at. Everything that makes that comic great.

Remedial Batmanology: Batman Forever, Part Two



This week, Remedial Batmanology bids a sad farewell to Doctor Chase Meridian as we get through the second half of Batman Forever. Witness the one good moment of Jim Carrey’s performance! The laundry scene so dumb that I can’t believe it made it into even this movie! And a resolution to the plot so monumentally dumb that if you even stop to think about it for a second, it makes the rest of the movie look like… well, not Citizen Kane, but maybe, I dunno, Action Jackson?

But at least it’s over! And we don’t ever have to worry about Batman Forever again! Smooooooth sailing from hear on out!