League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, 1969 Is Like Family Guy For Smart People



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve written up my review of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, 1969, and the short version is the sentence seen above. Which isn’t exactly positive.

Pal Dave Lartigue and I have also talked about how the further the timeline advances in the fictional narrative, the less it makes sense. The stories that Moore and O’Neill are including are written as reactions to the Real World, but aren’t necessarily reactions to the universe of League, in which Martians invaded and Big Brother took over, and so on, which is complicated by the fact that as time goes on, there are exponentially more stories to be included.

In short, the seams are showing, and it’s weighing the comic down to a point where it can barely function as a story. But, if you want to read me say that same thing for about a thousand words, then by all means, get to clickin’.

Ask Chris #66: The World’s Finest Friendship



This week on Ask Chris, I tackle a question that — surprise! — I have strong opinions about: whether or not Superman and Batman should be friends.

And as a special bonus, please enjoy the five paragraphs where I go apeshit on comics readers for thinking like third graders, then go back to explaining how two fictional characters would definitely be buddies, without ever once acknowledging the irony. It’s a mean feat, but I accomplish it.

An Hour In the Car With Jonathan Hickman



Believe it or not, one of the coolest things about Comic-Con this year was my ride home from the airport. Jonathan Hickman volunteered to give me a lift home, and when you’re a comics journalist sitting in a little room with the writer of Fantastic Four for an hour, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up. So I pulled out my voice recorder and got an off-the-cuff interview with one of the sharpest guys in comics.

As you might expect, there was an awful lot cut out from the version that saw print — mostly because it’s just us talking about where we ate at the con — but this was a bit I was particularly fond of:

JH: I did all my shopping Wednesday night.

CS: You got it knocked out early?

JH: Yeah. I brought the little suitcase, as you saw, and I knew that I had to go ahead and get it out of the way, and I did a test pack on Thursday and knew that was it. There was nothing else I could buy.

CS: I tried to leave as much room as I could in my suitcase, and then when I was packing up last night, I got everything in, had it zipped up, and I was like “cool.” Then I looked over, and I had a tripod that I’d brought and forgotten about.

JH: I left clothes. But I brought bullshit clothes to leave behind.

CS: [Laughs]

JH: I wasn’t wearing my “A” wardrobe at San Diego, I’d like to apologize, ’cause all of those clothes were meant to be tear-away.

CS: But you’ve got a standard con outfit that anyone who goes to a con has seen you in. You’ve got the white shirt and jeans.

JH: Black shirt.

CS: You do a black shirt now? I remember you used to wear a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

JH: I do that, but that’s a dressy day at the con. I’ve abandoned dressy day at the con. There are guys, a lot of people that like to dress up every time you go in public. Ben Templesmith always seems to be dressed pretty nice. Kieron Gillen always seems to be nice.

CS: Three-piece suits.

JH: Yeah. I don’t care. But I wear a white shirt every now and then.

CS: So what clothes did you leave behind? Like, these were clothes you intended to leave? Did you prioritize, like “if I can take these clothes home, I will, but if not, these are the ones that stay?”

JH: Well, I’m really hoping that my diet that I start on as soon as I get home is going to be effective, so yeah. I left my fattest shirts. Like Cortez when he reached the new world. I burned my fat shirts.

That guy’s great.

The Batman: Arkham City Demo Is Pretty Great



Since you’re reading this here, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re aware of Batman: Arkham City, and you can probably already guess that I’ve been pretty excited about it ever since it was announced. At San Diego, however, I got to play a demo, and as someone who liked the first game a lot, I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve taken things up to the next level. Everything I liked in the first game is there… there’s just more of it. So go check out the video of me playing, read a little about what I saw, and then buy me a copy. This is not a joke.

Smallvillains Returns For Jeph Loeb’s “Red”



That, my friends, is a picture of David Uzumeri falling asleep, nestled within the flowing curls of John Glover, and that can only mean that Smallvillains has returned!

This week, our Recap/Review returns with the one episode we always meant to do but never did: “Red,” a Jeph Loeb joint where red “meteor rock” turns Clark evil, which actually has the effect of making him more of a proactive force for good than we’ve ever seen from him in the rest of the series. This show, you guys. This show.

Captain America: The First Avenger



Last night, I went directly from the airport to the movie theater so that today, I could bring you my review of Captain America: The First Avenger! I enjoyed it — which is actually kind of surprising considering how wiped out I was after Five Nights of the Beast. I will say, though, as great as Chris Evans was in the title role, I think I thought it was more interesting than it was good, if that makes any sense.

And if it doesn’t, well, go read the article. You think I’m going to spend another two thousand words on this stuff? Get outta here.

While I Was Out

I was in San Diego last weekend for Comic-Con International, and in addition to eating In-N-Out Burger, after which every other hamburger I eat will seem like a lie I’m telling to my mouth, I actually did some work, too. Most of what I did hasn’t gone up yet, but for my self-promoting your reading convenience, here’s what I did that has:

The Arkham City Panel Coverage: The only panel I wrote up at the show, this one featured the cast, developers and writers of the next Batman video game talking about both Arkham City and their history working on the characters, with some pretty great anecdotes and character reveals. In addition to this, I have way more Arkham City stuff coming out of this weekend, including a hands-on demo and interviews with developer Dax Ginn and actors Stana Katic (Talia) and KEVIN CONROY (!!!).

The DC Reboot Protest That Wasn’t: So, remember how there was going to be a gathering of fans who were going to voice their anger over the DC reboot? Yeah, well, we waited in the Southern California sun for an hour for more than eight people to show up (and I have the sunburns to prove it) and they never did. I have to say, though, the people who did show up were all in amazing Joker and Harley Quinn costumes — including a jaw droppingly good Bride Harley.

An Interview With Venture Bros Creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer and Star James Urbaniak: We chat about the upcoming special, my love for Ghost Robot, and my desire to see an entire series about the rise and fall of David Bowie: Super-Villain. Plus, you get to see my left hand flop around like a dying fish while I ask questions. What can I say? I’m an active talker.

War Rocket Ajax #7: That Money Is Yours with Adam Warrock: While I was out in San Diego, I missed the Return of Euge to War Rocket Ajax! Check it out, as my former and current partners in podcasting rally around their mutual hate for working with me.

More videos to come, including a talk with the supervising producer of Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc., a strange six-question interview with about 15 creators, a one-on-one with me and Adam West (!!!) and more!