Greg Pak: The Incredible Hulk Exit Interview



I’ve told this story on War Rocket Ajax before, but back when Planet Hulk was coming out, I was a total snob about it for about three months. I remember having a conversation with Tug, a coworker and friend of mine that went like this:

“Psh, this Planet Hulk thing is nonsense. It’s just a huge Bill Mantlo rehash!”

“No kidding! And it’s fourteen issues?! They need more than a year to tell this story?! Ridiculous.”

Then, after the first four issues were out, I got bored at the store (which happened a lot) and since someone had just canceled their pull list, we had them all handy behind the counter. So I read them. A few days later, Tug and I were in his car, driving to lunch, when I said “I have a confession to make.”


“I’ve… I’ve been reading Planet Hulk. And it’s awesome.”


Cut to five years later, and Greg Pak is one of my favorite writers, and his amazing run on Hulk stands as one of the best the character’s ever had. So today, as his final issue hits stands, I sat down with him for an extensive Exit Interview about his time on the book.

Cinematic Batmanology: Batman Begins, Part 3



This week at ComicsAlliance, David Uzumeri and I finally deliver Part 3 of our massive review of Batman Begins! The back third features a lot more action, but there’s still quite a bit to talk about as we close it out and gear up to take on The Dark Knight last week, but what you really need to see here is my surprise revelation surrounding Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s casting in The Dark Knight Rises.

Hint: He will be playing Cobra Commander.

Batman Incorporated #8: Abort, Retry, Fail



Nothing’s ever as bad as something that you thought was going to be good, and that’s definitely the case with this week’s Batman Inc. #8, which I’ve reviewed over at ComicsAlliance as the worst comic of Grant Morrison’s entire run on Batman. I think the record will show that I love that run and I’m willing to give that guy the benefit of the doubt, but man. This thing is bad in every way that it could be bad.

If, however, you want to read it yourself without spoilers (something I definitely do not recommend), I think this single panel pretty much sums it all up:



Adam West Naked: The Commentary Track For Batman ’66 Filmed In Adam West’s Basement



So a few weeks ago, I got an email from Matt Fraction that included the words “you have to get this.” He’s not a guy who throws around that phrase lightly, and when the object in question turned out to be an episode-by-episode commentary on Batman ’66 that Adam West made himself in his house, I knew he was right.

It’s one of the most beautifully strange things I’ve ever seen. And I say that as Batman’s best friend.