Ice Skating Uphill: Blade (1998), Part Two



It’s Halloween, and since I’m banking on the idea that people are excited for action stories about vampires, I hope you enjoy the second half of ComicsAlliance’s review of Blade, featuring me and David Uzumeri plowing through Marvel’s first big cinematic success. I take the script to task for not being able to make up its mind on what this whole vampire thing is about, but all is forgiven in a single amazing line.

Dracula the Unconquered Is Here!



Dracula the Unconquered is here! As promised, the first issue of the new ongoing digital comic book series by me, Steve Downer and Josh Krach is now available for download for one thin American dollar!

The first issue sets the stage for the entire series, introducing my versions of Dracula and Varney as well as Thalia, Drac’s new teenage girl sidekick, plus the driving conflict of the series and a couple of key elements about the world in which they live. Hopefully, I’ve managed to do all that and tell an entertaining adventure story. You can find out more at the link above, including a six-page preview and links to plenty of interviews where I yammer on about what the comic is supposed to be all about, so head on over and check it out! Happy Halloween, everyone!

The First Six Pages of DRACULA THE UNCONQUERED #1!



Dracula the Unconquered #1 will be released on Monday for Halloween, and to get people as interested as I possibly can, we’ve put up the first six pages as a free preview! It’s the first 25% of the book, featuring story by me, art by Steve Downer and lettering by Josh Krach, and its got one of the best pages I’ve ever written. So, if you like it and you want to get 18 more pages of blood-drinking, monster-fighting, spell-casting action, come back on Monday to download the entire issue for one thin dollar!

If you enjoy it, please spread the word. If you don’t enjoy it, spread the word anyway. Ironic dollars spend just as well as honest ones!

Batman: Arkham City Features Less Logic and More Shark-Punching



I hope you guys are ready for the shock of the year: I really enjoyed the hell out of Batman: Arkham City, a video game about Batman punching the living hell out of an entire community of criminals. It’s fantastic, and over at ComicsAlliance, I tell you why.

Oh, I also mention the whole thing where they call Catwoman a bitch constantly for like 3 paragraphs in a 2600-word review, so of course that means it’s all I ever talk about and I should just get over it. I’ll be issuing handwritten apologies for my liberal pinko handwringing just as soon as I’m finished thinking of the children.