I Hate To Say It, But Princeless Is Charming



A few months bac, I was doing my comics order and I decided to take a chance on an indie book called Princeless that looked like a pretty interesting take on the growing subgenre of Fairy Tale Parodies Where The Princess Is The One Who Does The Saving. It looked like it might be fun and the cover art was pretty solid, so I figured at worst, I’d be out three bucks and feel better for having given it a shot.

But as it turns out, Princeless isn’t just good, it’s great. It’s a gamble that paid off for me, and today at ComicsAlliance, I tell you why.

Ice Skating Uphill: Blade Trinity, Part Two



Today on ComicsAlliance, David Uzumeri and I finish off the Blade franchise with our review of Blade Trinity — and also finish off our movie-reviewing partnership.

That’s right, everybody: After 64 columns of reviewing Smallville, the Batman movies, Catwoman and one kind of lousy episode of Batman: The Animated Series, we’re calling it quits with each other. He knows what he did. So please enjoy our last hurrah as we pick apart the Nightstalkin’ nonsense, and be there next week for… well, whatever I’m doing with my Sunday nights from here on out!

Breaking Down Breaking Dawn: They Sent Me To Review The Twilight Movie



I think it’s been made pretty clear over the past few years that my boss hates me and wants me to suffer, but never has it been more apparent than today, when ComicsAlliance sent me to review Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part One. So today, please enjoy the fruits of my misery with an extensive review of this horrible movie that’s going to make a billion dollars, complete with seventeen footnotes.