14 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From Larry Hama and Mike Vosburg

  1. Ah, the rarely seen honeycomb hundred. You can ONLY get those from inside ninjas.

  2. Of course, where do you think that money that appears after they blink three times comes from? Ninja blood.

    I think this will actually become comics (from me).

  3. He bleeds yellow hundreds, eh? Bet that comes in handy when he wants to cheat at Monopoly, the bastard.

  4. This phenomenon has been documented as recently as BLOM’s biography of Scott Pilgrim. Note, however, that barely wounding Snake-Eyes is worth more than defeating any single one of your girlfriend’s exes. He’s that badass.

  5. Kwinn the Eskimo. Who was later killed in a showdown with Dr. Venom.

    Dr. Venom was with Cobra, in case that wasn’t clear. He was an earlier version of Dr. Mindbender, except he wore a shirt.

  6. Dr. Venom looked more like Olivier in Marathon Man, and less like a Tom of Finland drawing.

  7. Whether he’s bleeding money, thwarting the Brainwave scanner by ninja will alone or sneaking an Uzi on the island in his army jacket lining, Snake Eyes is not to be messed with.

    Kwinn was the man and those with respect pour out a little Yo Joe cola on the curb for the man with the weasel skull necklace.

    Thanks for the reminder that the new TPB’s are out.

  8. So the arrival of Kwinn the Inuit raises an important question, something I’ve been wondering about for a long time:

    Did everybody, in fact, jump for joy?