12 thoughts on “BRUCE WAYNE

  1. Bruce “Rain of Pain” Wayne!
    Raising Cain!
    More pop than Champagne!
    Hitting fools in the brain!
    More powerful than a train!
    Beat you so bad it’s inhumane!
    He’s so pretty it makes ME vain!

  2. Ah, Spring! When a young man’s thoughts turn to pummeling gaudily-dressed wankers!

  3. Bruce Wayne….

    …isn’t going to throw the fight. Not tonight, Fixer. Not with Damian watching.

  4. Bruce Wayne sez:

    If you want to throw down in fisticuffs, fine, I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waitin’ for ya…right here!

    By the beard of Maxie Zeus!

  5. Why is Bruce punching some woman in the boobies?

    Because given how women are drawn in comics, there’s not much of a target area outside the boobies.

  6. I just had a rather /chilling/ thought as to how the Watchmen movie could have been worse. Here goes: draw the hydrogen symbol on the forehead of Mr Freeze in that picture.

  7. I bet none of you nerds realized that was a Rocky reference… wait… does that make me a nerd? Hmm…