The Chronicles of Solomon Stone, Chapter Two: The Deadly Doom of Dinosorcery



Click above to head over to the Action Age for the second chapter of The Chronicles of Solomon Stone, in which the stakes are raised to entirely logical extremes!

Last week, I talked a lot about Matthew Allen Smith–and for good reason–but I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity this time around to highlight my pal and yours, Benjamin Birdie, who lettered the entire issue while juggling art chores on The Rack and preparing his own projects for MoCCA. He brought a great skill and design sense to the table–including the deceptively simple logo and the distinct look that he gave to the lettering itself–and I’ve got to admit that without him, TCOSS would only be eighty, eighty-five percent as awesome as it is now.

So please enjoy Birdie’s work as he conveys the unparalleled genius of my script in Chapter Two: The Deadly Doom of Dinosorcery, and let me know what you think of the latest Instant Classic of the Action Age of Comics!

29 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Solomon Stone, Chapter Two: The Deadly Doom of Dinosorcery

  1. That’s beyond instand classic. Its such a weighty peice of work its fallen through time and become a classic of prehistory. I have no doubt that Dinosaurs, looking towards the sky in fear at the flaming balls of death fast approaching, huddled together reading The Chronicles of Solomon Stone, Chapter Two: The Deadly Doom of Dinosorcery for comfort, knowing that one day they would return in a wave of Dinosorceric glory.

  2. Page two so totally reminded me of God speaking in Job 38-39. That’s right…

    I just put your writing on par with THE BIBLE.

    Don’t let this go to your head.

  3. Dinosorcery and magic missiles. You can’t see it, but I’m grinning like an idiot.

    Moment’s gone.

    Yup. Grinning Like and Idiot.

  4. T. Hex’s disguise in the Museum of Antiquity is what elevated this to Nextwave levels of awesomeness for me. To be honest, I’m wondering if that will go to your head quicker than the bibilical stuff.

  5. Not that your work isn’t totally Bibilical, which I’m sticking with as an alternate spelling from now on.

  6. Let’s see.

    A bad guy who is a dinosaur sorcerer who lives in an island that looks like a skull and crossbones who talks smack to his ghostly minions. A good guy who flies a vintage propeller driven plane and uses 14 barrel rolls as an evasive manuever and threatens to shoot the bad guy in the face.

    You’ve like, snuck into my brain and found the file that reads “Things That Are Awesome” and stolen it, haven’t you?

  7. It’s like Sky Captain and Nextwave had a baby, then abandoned it to be raised by vampire dinosaurs.

  8. well, solomon stone, you will be missed. i mean hes totally dead right? it was a great mini-mini series while it lasted. oh the candle that burns bright burns quickly.

  9. That dino in the left background is SO compelling. I can’t stop looking at him! This compulsion must be sorcery!

  10. T-Hex’s disguise.

    “Shoot you in the goddamn face.”

    These are two reasons it was totally worth getting up this morning.

  11. Solomon Stone is to comics what Wyld Stallyuns is to music.

    I’m not sure how Tyrannosaurus hex puts on that headset with those tiny little arms, though. Telekenisis, maybe.

  12. So all Stone needs now is to cast a Shield Spell, then he’s immune to Magic Missiles.

    …why are you all looking at me like that?

  13. Regarding Mr Birdie’s lettering, I love how the speech balloons of the dino-ghosts are semi-transparent. That’s genius.

    I also love T-Hex’s witches hat… which seems to hover an inch or two above his awkwardly-shaped head.