A Friendly Reminder from Mike Barr and Jim Aparo





Batman Is A Motherfucking Hardass.


The information above can be found in Batman and the Outsiders #4, conveniently reprinted in this week’s new DC Showcase, which proves once again that the greatness of Barr and Aparo actually outweighs the lameness that is Geo-Force.

35 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder from Mike Barr and Jim Aparo

  1. You know, I was wondering where the mouseover text was for those three images, and then I realized…

    It is unnecessary. “Batman is a Motherfucking Hardass” really does all the summing up you can do, and any additional comments just detract from that.

  2. And you know Batman wanted to follow up with a kick to the face, but he didn’t ’cause he would have gotten facemelt all over his boots.

    That shit’s hard to get out, even using Bat-detergent.

  3. Huh. I’d forgotten that Geoforce stood around, looking doofus-like, even back then.

    It’s nice to know he’s progressed to getting beaten up off-stage these days.

  4. Heh – when Batman gets in your face, your face will never be able to be gotten in again.

  5. Methinks Batman would be the world’s greatest drug rehab counselor. No one draws a line in the moral sand better than him.

  6. Was it Nukeface, From Swamp Thing?

    Cause, if so, that is an even harder core move by Batman. I mean, the guy killed Swamp Thing (he got better) and Batman is staring him down like any common hood.

  7. Actually it turns out he’s just disguised as a gorilla-bear, which is a little disappointing. But then the story makes up for it with spanking.

  8. Adrian- I think the creators of that comic want people to buy war bonds and stamps. I can’t be sure- it’s just a general feeling I get from it being stated at the bottom of every page AND in the story’s conclusion.

    Still, nazi gorilla-bear.


  9. Chris Sims Says:

    Well his parents are dead. You’d have a long face too.

    Ooooh, burn! Touche!

  10. Is it just me, or does Captain Future out of costume looks suspiciously like Tek Jansen?

    Coincidence? I think NOT.

  11. Did Geo-Force ever even wear that color scheme, or did the colorist space out because of his incredible boringness and think he was coloring Katana?

  12. why does everyone seem to hate Geo-Force? I’ve only ever seen him on Meltzer’s JLA where he generally did a whole lot of nothing but then you could say the same for the whole team.

  13. Dude, I thought that was Hank Henshaw for a minute. It could be an elseworlds where Henshaw’s face melts in from of batman, then he becomes Cyborg Batman years later, when no one rememebrs, and then he becomes a Green Lantern enemey, because, seriously, The Shark?

  14. Rob S. Said:
    IIRC, the guy’s name was Agent Orange. A one-shot villain.

    You’re a couple of issues off. The melting guy is Cyclotron, who’d fought both Batman & Black Lightning before under another codename that’s escaping me at the moment.

    And screw Frank Miller, NOBODY writes a cooler hardass Batman than Mike W. Barr.

  15. Everyone hates Geo-Force because… well, because Geo-Force pretty much sucks.

    Well, I like Geo-Force so that’s not “everyone”. Thus your theory has been disproved.

    Unless, of course, I’m a nobody…?

    I’m a nobody, ain’t I?

  16. Looking forward to reading the Showcase volume. I may bring it with me to Jamiaca to read on my honeymoon next week!

    My name is Luke, and I have a problem…

  17. I like Geo-Force too, but mainly because he’s a big dumb lug with his heart in the right place, and we don’t get enough of those. Bought the Showcase on Saturday and almost read it straight through while sacrificing eating and sleeping. Some of Aparo’s art is absolutely gorgeous. Wish TwoMorrows would hurry up with the book…

  18. I was trying not to use the word, because I know it has terrible connotations for you. But since you’ve backed me into a corner: the art is absolutely gorgeous, but some of it is totally Airwolf. Happy now?

  19. Incidentally, did you notice the contemporary edit in the first caption on page 142 of the Showcase? Like any right-minded person, I deplore such things when they’re covering female nudity in Marvel’s horror Essentials, but this amendment is kinda fun.

  20. John Trumbull Said:

    You’re a couple of issues off. The melting guy is Cyclotron, who’d fought both Batman & Black Lightning before under another codename that’s escaping me at the moment.

    Thanks for setting me straight, John.