26 thoughts on “You Know Who’s Even More Awesome?

  1. I’m so getting that tatooed on my thumb so all 3 people who read the Eternals can be impressed when they see me.

  2. there he goes doing that “L” on his forehead again. is he talking to Aaron in this panel?

  3. The phrase…


    …is a classic in its own right. I also like how the narration shifts from a calm, Rod Serling-like introduction to total hysterics on that line.

  4. Engraved on his other thumb…the recipe for delicious Hostess Fruit Pies.

    And the Celestial balance of death and delicious life continues.

  5. Arishem the Judge > Judge Judy + Judge Reinhold + Mock Trial with J. Reinhold + William Hung and his Hung Jury.

    But ~> Judge Learned Hand.

  6. Throughout the skies of the globe, the people of Earth cower at the horrifying cacophony of Arishem’s heralds as they cry: “One! Two! Three! Four! I… declare… a thumb war!”

    Seriously, though, every Marvel comic needs a Celestial. I might even read Moon Knight if it involved Celestials.

  7. Can you imagine waking up after that bender with the formula for world destruction engraved on your thumb? You can’t even use laser tattoo removal on that; they best you can do is have another artist touch it up so it’s a picture of Snoopy.

  8. One of the images I most remember when I think about Eternals… the Anti-Life Thumb! How could Gaiman see that and still claim that Kirby “got it wrong?”

  9. The thing I remember about Gaiman’s criticism of Kirby’s Eternals was that it was lumpy. That’s just such a weird way to classify anything beyond oatmeal to me, especially from Neil f’n Gaiman. I also loved that they used that quote in the back of one of the Kirby trades.

  10. I hate to revive the meme, but…
    “Who’s got the formula for world destruction written on his thumb?..

    THIS GUY!”

  11. I’m actually kind of disappointed I didn’t make an Umaga joke earlier and bitched about Gaiman instead, given that every fifth thing I write on the internet is a WWE reference. But seriously; is he going to give the world the Samoan Spike (or Asiatic Spike, if you’re old school) if it fails? Because that would be great.

  12. That’s really just some chick’s phone number. And he didn’t even get it from her, he overheard her telling it to another Celestial.

  13. If we can see the anti-Earth formula, does that mean we can all destroy the planet too?!!