So, mom’s in the hospital again. They found a blockage near her heart during one of her stress tests, so this week she’s going to be having bypass surgery.

All things considered, it’s probably a lot better to have it done as a preventative measure than as an emergency. Everyone seems really optimistic about it–she was actually more worried about missing work than anything else and wanted to push it back to Thanksgiving so her time out would overlap with her Christmas break–and I have nothing but confidence that everything will go off well, but I’m obviously not really thinking about making jokes about Hawkman or whatever at this point, and probably won’t be for the next few days.


Incidentally, if you’re looking for something to read in my absence, the panel above comes from Lee and Ditko’s “The Final Chapter” in Amazing Spider-Man #33, which is seriously the best Marvel comic ever printed.

83 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear your mom’s in the hospital again. My mom had an extended stay and some major surgery a couple of years ago, I know how hard it can be. Just stay positive, and know in your heart that everything will work out. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you two.

  2. Best wishes to you and all your family. Your mother has all our hopes and prayers.

  3. Hope everything goes well. You and your Mom have all my happy thoughts and best wishes.

  4. As you can see, your readers are all keeping you and your mom in our thoughts. You’re right, it’s good that they caught this early and are doing it as a preventative measure.

  5. Chris, give your mom my best wishes as well. I’ve been through a heart attack and the attendant recovery so I have a little idea of what she’s going through. She sounds like the kind of tough mom who’s going to get through this and kick heart disease in the head.

  6. All the best wishes for your mom’s complete recovery.

    Just don’t try lifting tons of metal wreckage while trying to get to the hospital.
    A hernia is no fun either.
    (and it looks really weird if you’re wearing tights. Kinda like you’ve got 2 wangs).


  7. Good to hear that it’s preventative and not emergency surgery she’s getting.

    Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery!

    P.S. I still kinda think “Mantlo Mondays with Mom” would be an interesting idea. A fresh take on Bill Mantlo is always a good thing. Just as long as everyone realizes that he’s AWESOME!


  8. I hope she Aparo-punches that blockage. Hits it so hard it explodes!

    Seriously, your mom and you are both in my thoughts.

  9. Hope your mom pulls through.

    That issue is clearly what JMS is trying to do, and failing.

    People can say whatever they want about Stan Lee, but one thing I will always argue to the death about: the man could write compelling drama.

  10. Best wishes to your mom and you. Look forward to hearing from you soon. I actually bought that book when it came out. Yes I am that old.

  11. Best wishes to you and your mum, of course. And yeah, The Final Chapter most definitely is the best Marvel comic ever printed.

  12. Best wishes from Dabel Brothers Productions, bro… we’ll keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers!

  13. Well, darn, that’s just awful. It does sound like it won’t be too bad, but all the same, it is a shock to the system. But here’s hoping for the best for your mom and her well-being. She’s got my best wishes and support, and I pray that this will pass soon and without too much pain.

  14. Best wishes to you and your Mom during this rough time, Mr. Sims.

    And hey, I’ll save you some time by writing a Hawkman stand-up routine for you.
    “Hey, have you all seen that guy with the wings? Hawkman? WHAT is the deal with that guy? Am I right? HAWKMAN? Seriously! Hawkman! Wow! Zing! And have you ever noticed that Thanagarians can’t drive? What is the deal with THAT? Am I right? Am I RIGHT, folks? Hey-ho!”

    . . . I didn’t say it would be a good routine, mind you. Here are actual Hawkman links that are unintentionally funny – Hawkman Vs. Canadian Wood Aliens from Jupiter – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNTO-UeycC8
    Hawkman meets his Mom – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXoQZF6gmbQ
    and Dr. Sivana giving the Justice League physicals – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-qZVKzGoRA&NR=1

  15. Yeah. Like all the others above I wish you and your mom all the best! Take care, okay?

  16. I do hope your mom, and you, pull through this happily and healthily.

    And bring you mom a stack of Punisher comics to keep her amused while she’s in the hospital. That’ll get anyone up and going in no time.

  17. Take care Chris and best wishes to you and yours…my mother’s had a bypass herself and recovered both well and amazingly quickly. Science is amazing.

  18. Just another anonymous blog poster wishing your mom a speedy recovery. Take your time coming back. I suspect we’ll all be here.

  19. Tell your mum all your weird friends on the internet are asking after her, Chris! That’ll make her feel better!

  20. I’m sure that Mrs S will return to kicking butt and taking names as swiftly as last time, but meanwhile you both have our best wishes to keep you going. And when you’re back, and ready to care, you might be pleased to learn that Lying in the Gutters linked to you today because of Free ROM!…

  21. Hey, Chris. Best wishes to you and your mom. You tell her she’s got the support of a nation of comic geeks behind her! And since I’m from Canada and have free health care, I have good health will to spare. :)

  22. I hope your mom pulls through.

    And never stop making jokes about Hawkman; he deserves it, and we all need to laugh.

  23. all the very best wishes to Mamma Sims for a speedy recovery.

    The ISB is the place to be, but only when real life is tickety boo too.

    Best wishes mate.

  24. I hope your mom has a speedy recovery. If she’s anything like Aunt May, I’d say she’s got a good 5000 years of life to go at the very least.

  25. Chiming in late; sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully things are going okay. I hear doctors these days are awful brain-smart, so I’m sure everything’s gonna turn out fine. Positive thoughts to you and the family.

  26. Best wishes to both of you.

    I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and it’s rekindled my love of Things That Are Awesome.