Ah, the wonders of serum.

Mom had her surgery yesterday and everything went just fine. It turned out to be a triple bypass, but she’s doing well and recovering nicely.

Me, I’m relieved of course (I finally got a good night’s sleep last night), but even more than that, I’m just amazed 24 hours after a team of Catholic surgeons were screwing around with her heart, she was awake, chatting, eating breakfast, and walking down the hall. I think we can chalk that up as a win… for Science!

Anyway, my thanks goes out to everyone who left a message or sent an email, you guys really helped to cheer both of us up. She appreciates it, and I know I did too. Regular updates will probably get the ISB back on schedule once she’s back home and settled in.


The panels above are still from Amazing Spider-Man #33, and it’s still the greatest Marvel comic ever printed. To be more specific, those panels are actually from the Complete Collection DVD-ROM, which is worth it just for the insane amount of Peter Parker PDF it contains, fresh from Danny Fingeroth’s collection to your computer.

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  1. Awesome news! Congrats to your mom, and I hope she stays healthy. I’m sure some kicks to the face will cheer her up, so I hope you get back to posting soon, but no rush.

    Also… SCIENCE!

  2. Congrats, mate!

    I hope the best wishes and love to both of you.

    I hope she reads your blog to see herself in a symbolic status of May, the most loved and lovable mother figure in comics realm (and probably the sweetest person in Marvel Universe).

    (and give her a few more hugs when you remember. And tell her more jokes — jokes and laughs, tea and biscuits)

  3. We’re so glad,Chris. Thanks for the update. Get some rest. Still sending good thoughts your way.
    Lee and Nadine

  4. That’s really great to hear. Or read rather. You should do a podcast. I hate that word though, podcast. I hate that it is a word like boy band. Boy bands suck.

  5. Wow, and usually Catholicism and Science get along like Iron Man and Captain America in a Mark Millar book.

    Glad to hear all went well!

  6. Horray! Another win for science!

    (Although if Reed Richards shows up and offers her a glass of water – for the love of all that is good and holy don’t drink it!)

    All the best to Mrs. Sims and sweet dreams Chris!

  7. Congrats, Chris.

    And right on about ASM #33. It’s a great comic AND it’s one of the few actual “endings” for one of their biggest characters – coincidence?

  8. Chris,

    Now that she can climb walls and has the proportionate strength of a comics blogger, you better behave.

    Good to hear she’s doing alright. Best wishes to you both.


  9. Great to hear! Your mom pleasantly sounds less fragile than Aunt May. Here’s hoping she feels well enough to take up ice hockey soon!


  10. A mix of Science and Religion?
    Why, that’s almost as unheard of as Spider-Man comics-panels with Bat-Man movie quotations…

    You can’t cross the streams…
    …oh wait…


    Glad to hear that you mom is up and about!


  11. Science for the WIN!

    Glad everything is good. .now to help recovery get her a “Bad!/Real Bad!” t-shirt.

  12. Now that I know your mother looks at the comments, I just want to offer a heartfelt apology for all the swearing.

  13. Great news, Chris.

    And it’s almost like the latest Punisher War Journal was written for this blog, because it’s gonna be a great way for you to close out the week.

  14. I’m glad to hear your mom is recovering nicely. My mother was just diagnosed with kidney cancer and your blog is one of the things that frequently cheers me up, so I was upset to hear about your turn of events. I wish you and your mother all the best and hope things continue to go well for her.

  15. And what is the sound of a triple bypass?


    Payment in the form of a roll of quarters spraying onto the floor of the operating theater.

    Congratulations Mrs. Invincible Super-Blog (although I suspect your maiden name is actually Miss Super).

  16. I love the idea of specifically Catholic surgeons.

    “Well, of course we’re praying she gets better too, but while we’re waiting we’re just gonna go in and fix things ourselves.”

  17. Great news! All the best to your mom and family – it sounds like she’s already well on her way to recovery. Go Mama Sims!

  18. I just got my mum back today as well, although somewhat less dramatically she was just on holiday. Long live the Invincible Super Mum!

  19. Chris,

    When you have time, you really need to tell us how you had to fight off Dracula to bring your mom the serum.

  20. This is very good news. I haven’t been keeping up with the ISB (new baby arrived last week) and I’m glad to see that everything is well and good. Science is just as good as magic, something that Jim Balent should be promoting in his new “Bust McBeaker, Researcher” comic.

  21. Your mother didn’t happen to get in a bar fight with 3 Nausicaans did she? Oh wait that was Captain Picard. Good to hear she’s better!

  22. Chris: YAY!! Owen: sorry, man. I’m sure Chris won’t mind if you soak up some of the goodwill sloshing around the site today.

  23. Hey Chris, glad for the good news. Both my parents have had this procedure, and they are doing excellent. It’s scary to go through though, you worry a lot for them I know.
    But it is indeed amazing what science can do. Best to you and yr family, enjoy yr blog v much.

  24. Yays! Science!

    Also, that serum must be awesome, considering the smile on ol’ May’s face there. Ambrosia, pfah! Gimme serum!

  25. Hey Chris,

    My dad went through a trip-bypass a few years back, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to him in terms of his quality of life.

    glad to hear things turned out okay.

  26. Science wins!

    I’m glad to hear that she’s doing well.

    Now, I believe we are owed a joke about Hawkman.

  27. Woo-hoo! Great to hear, Chris. I wish both of you nothing but the best now that this is behind you two.

  28. Excellent news – all the very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    And whoever mooted an ISB podcast has struck gold I tell thee!

    Come on Chris, you have conquered the Interweb, now conquer the airwaves man!

    your humble mumble apple crumble


  29. I’m glad everything went well. Here’s hoping that your mom will live as long or longer than May Parker’s real age. This would put her at around 103.

  30. Congratulations Chris! Glad to hear that we could give something back to you for a change Thanks for all the hours of entertainment and look forward t visiting again.

  31. And whoever mooted an ISB podcast has struck gold I tell thee!
    Come on Chris, you have conquered the Interweb, now conquer the airwaves man!

    Chris has already conquered the airwa… interwebby network thing with his dulcet tones. Radio ISB broadcasted earlier this year. See here at his old blogger site, for example.

  32. Chris, I never got around to wishing her well before the surgery, but I’m really glad that your Mom is doing well. I’ve been in your state of mind before, so I know that you are relieved (I’m sure she is, too). Go Science!

  33. Glad to hear your mom is doing alright!

    Surely she’ll be up and about, punching panda bears in the face in no time.


  34. Okay, off topic but the pic of May holding Peter’s hand? What, is she a giantess? It might not even be her hand considering it’s coming from such a weird angle. And people think i’m nuts not to be a Ditko fan…

  35. Good to know your mom is better, man! I hope she proves to be at least as long-lived and lasting as comics’ May Parker!

    Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

  36. More well wishes!

    Hope everything continues going well, and your mother doesn’t find herself falling for her doctor — WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE OTTO OCTAVIUS!!!

  37. I’m glad to hear everything is good! Best of health to your mom.

    And as for the syrum… how the heck did that roll anyways?

    Doctor: “Hmm, well a masked lunatic who the police are hunting and who I assume is a bad guy just gave me a vial of unknown liquid. I know, I’ll go ahead and [b]INJECT IT INTO AN OLD LADY![/b]”


  38. Fantastic news. Tell your mom that we secretly like her more than you and are looking forward to Mantlo Mom-days.

  39. Even though you’re probably down, it’s good to know that the Punisher and his gun that shoots swords is out there to cheer you up.

  40. Great to hear that your mother is doing better, and I hope that you are feeling the pressure less too. Hooray for Science!

  41. “Lorne Says:

    I’m glad to hear everything is good! Best of health to your mom.

    And as for the syrum… how the heck did that roll anyways?

    Doctor: “Hmm, well a masked lunatic who the police are hunting and who I assume is a bad guy just gave me a vial of unknown liquid. I know, I’ll go ahead and [b]INJECT IT INTO AN OLD LADY![/b]”


    Well, Curt Connors called ahead and, as a somewhat-known specialist in the study of, um, radioactive blood(?) he asked the doctor to inject the serum into an old lady for him. The doctor’s figured they might as well try anything at that point(though it would make much more sense for Spidey to simply sneak in and inject her himself).

  42. Congrats to both your Mom and you.

    The first Marvel comics I ever read were Amazing Spider-Man 31-33. There is no way I can argue that it is not the greatest Marvel tale ever.

  43. Chris – hope your Mom’s doing well, and hoped the Serum yo – uh, “a masked lunatic with a smartass sense of humor the police are looking for” gave your Mom worked, and she’s on the mend. :)

    Best from me and Tammy,
    Tim Liebe