Sketchbook: The Baroness by Jeremy Dale



This one’s not actually in my sketchbook–although a similarly awesome Cobra Commander by Dale is–and to be honest, I was a little reluctant to actually get this one, because I didn’t want to be That Guy. You know, the guy who asks for pictures of the Baroness. It’s a short step from there to being the guy who totes around a Moleskine full of naked Legionnaires.

Still, I’m glad I got it, because Jeremy (obviously) did a fantastic job with it. He is, of course, the artist for the GI Joe comics that were included with the Comic Two-Packs, and you can find more of his work in Image’s Popgun v. 1, or on on his website!

And hey, he’s at HeroesCon this weekend, too!

14 thoughts on “Sketchbook: The Baroness by Jeremy Dale

  1. As far as sketchbook themes go, you could do a lot worse than Baroness. As long as you don’t ask for a pose where the only thing preventing it from being X-rated is Destro’s mask, you’ll be good. Just mix in some G-rated stuff. For instance, Chris Giarusso told me he’d be at HeroesCon this weekend.

    Oh, and Wizard World? Totally underwhelming this year. I might not go on Sunday. My current white whale: getting a Power Woman sketch from Amanda Conner. Not Power Girl . . . her older counterpart from Kingdom Come. I’ll also try and get a headshot from Steve Dillon; I’m not a big fan of his work, but I always need to get stuff from people I’ve yet to hit up for sketches.

  2. That’s the best alt text I’ve seen in a good long time, Sims! And that’s not to say the rest were bad!

    PS: Went to see Revenge of the Fallen last night. I enjoyed the first one but the sequel licks unexpected amounts of pole. Roll on Joe in August, I guess!


  3. Given the laws of quantum physics, there IS a parallel world where Jim Balent is writing an x-rated Legion of Super-Heroes.

    You’re welcome for that image.

  4. I got so tired of all the cheesecake and nudie girlie shots that I asked one of my favorite artists (known for doing cheesecake) if he’d mind doing a beefcake sketch for me. I figured someone had to be “That Guy” for the other team and it might as well be me. And he delivered a great caveman warrior sketch. Woof.

  5. Waitaminute…”Michael D.”, gay guy…did you used to be one of the front-page posters at John Cole’s blog?

    If so…well, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to see you here, it’s not like Balloon Juice is an un-nerdy place. Still, fine taste.

  6. I get not wanting to be That Guy, but my goodness that is one gorgeous sketch right there. How could you NOT own that?