11 thoughts on “Sketchbook: OMAC Riding Devil Dinosaur by Tom Scioli

  1. Sweet. Next year, you should get another page featuring Devil Dinosaur’s bottom half face kicking Nazis and put the two together…

  2. Holy shit that’s awesome.

    Apropos of which, I can’t wait to see how Brave and the Bold does OMAC next week.

  3. Why is OMAC humping DD’s head? I’m thinking that’s where Moonboy would sit, but OMAC sure as hell ain’t Moonboy.

  4. And so I’m getting a sketch from one of the artists and he says “yeah I just did a Devil Dinosaur for a guy” and I think “is Chris Sims here?” True Story. Wasn’t Scioli – so other DD fans were around. I’m going to post my sketches soon at my site – got some great ones.

  5. OMAC next week on Brave and The Bold?

    Dare I hope for a Kamandi/OMAC crossover on the show?

  6. That… that may the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen created with pencil and paper.