A Slight Delay

And now, the final word on the Spanish translations of the ISB:



Your regularly scheduled comics reviews will hit the screen tomorrow, along with a bold new entry into Bahlactus’s Friday Night Fights–marking the unprecedented return of the double-post day–but as for tonight, I’m exhausted. You, uh, can probably guess why.


The above panel, wherein Bill Mantlo and George Perez shatter the Fourth Wall beyond recognition with one well-placed kick, can be found in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #19, which also features a story on a tournament attended by Count Dante that’s accompanied by a truly awesome photograph captioned “A typical Black Dragon Fighting Society member.” If that’s not something you need to own, then brother, I don’t know what is.

17 thoughts on “A Slight Delay

  1. The ISB has defeated over zero plagiarists in death matches!

    “Do you think that ‘I’ in my acronym stands for ‘Franco’?!?!”

  2. Yay, we should kill a blog every week as a new feature, “Judo-Chop A Blog Mondays” or something.


  3. On a similar note to the “Judo Chop A Blog”, Chris should weekly kick random blog ripper offer in the face… in the name of all that is good and honorable on the net.
    PS-don’t forget to post pix

  4. Franco’s apology seemed sincere. I have a further suggestion: why not use his talents?

    He seems to have a considerable domain of both English and Spanish. Instead of having a horde of angry ISB fans applying an Internet kick in the face to Franco, why not put his talents to good use?

    A more adequate punishment would be to create a blog clearly identified as a translation of The ISB, and put mr. Franco to work at it.

    This would expand The Awesomeness to the Hispanic world. It would especially allow the innocent reader’s of Franco’s blog to keep reading ISB goodness in their own language – won’t anyone think about the children?

  5. On a separate note (just dealing with the above image)…

    that looks like MANTLO & SHOOTER walking in the background.

    MANTLO : being on BOTH SIDES of the shattered 4th wall!
    At the SAME time!



  6. I had a similar thought, Dr. Manhattan (which is awesome to say). It’s a shame dude didn’t ask for permission first and seek out a translation arrangement before swiping. Anyway, no need to repeat yesterday’s 100+ post outpouring. I’m ready for some reviews.

  7. There could be nothing non-awesome about Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. Of all ’70s trends, that was the least horribly misguided.

  8. “The Google cached copy of the blog is stil viewable:”

    He DID steal the image tags!

    While it would be kinda neat to have a foreign office, I don’t think you should offer the guy who was plaigerizing anything other than scorn. Don’t reward him for stealing.

    Maybe, if you could grit your teeth and bear it, you could extend the offer to his Argentinian rival, Desi Campbell’s Largo Caja.

  9. I guess it really is “invincible.”

    And it’s great that Franco was wonderfully sincere in his apology *after he was caught.* He deserves nothing but the scorn he has received.

  10. I just found DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG-FU #19 in a desk drawer the other day. Good stuff, lot of karate and martial arts articles and the above panel leads to the SONS OF THE TIGER story where the original White Tiger(Hector Ayala) makes his appearence for the fist time.

    And that’s actually pre-ROM Bill Mantlo and a young George Perez walking in the background. George Perez says that Mantlo, Englehart, Thomas, Moench and Isabella are all “loco”.

  11. So from the comments posted here, I take it that it is still okay to throw ethnic slurs, family insults and “mock” threats of physical violence all in the name of Chris’ honor? Cool!

  12. “So from the comments posted here, I take it that it is still okay to throw ethnic slurs, family insults and “mock” threats of physical violence all in the name of Chris’ honor?”