War Rocket Ajax #1: First Issues With Matt Fraction



War Rocket Ajax launches today with Episode 001, clocking in at 73 minutes of eardrum-devastating fun!

The theme of our first episode is, naturally, First Issues, and if you head over to WarRocketAjax.com today, you’ll hear Euge and I talking about the first comics we ever got, Matt Fraction telling us what it’s like to write a first issue, and all three of us talking about the #1s that made an impact on us as readers.

And that’s not all: Our first episode also includes a harrowing tale of the supernatural from Eugene, Fraction’s reaction to the fans that are entitled to the point of psychosis, my ill-advised revelation of what I’d do if I was given the job of writing Batman, and answers to the burning questions of if and when we’re going to see more of Casanova and the greatest comic book ever printed, Mantooth! Plus, we’ve got my reaction to the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo, and a tribute to my readership inspired by the music of Shawty Lo. Yes, really.

We haven’t quite made it to the iTunes store yet (though that’s coming within a few days), but the full show’s available to download and stream right now! So get over there and dispatch War Rocket Ajax to your listening device of choice!

15 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #1: First Issues With Matt Fraction

  1. “General Kala, Chris and Euge approaching!”

    “What do you mean Chris and Euge approaching? Open fire all weapons! Dispatch War Rocket Ajax to bring back their podcast!”

  2. Give a heads up here or on twitter when this is available on iTunes. Also, enjoy Cradle of Fear: I finished it last night/this morning, and loved it so much that I bought it midway rather than wait two days to finish Byrne-stealing it.

  3. The Arkham Asylum bit reminded me that you should probably grab a PS2 and pick up the Yakuza games. It’s an entire game built around playing as a badass who wrecks people in every single way imaginable.

    Anyway, enjoyed this. Good jobe to both of you.

  4. Are there any specific rules for approaching War Rocket Ajax? If War Rocket Ajax were to go rogue, who is the one man capable of stopping it? We are not up to safety standards, here.

    Buffoonery aside, this is pretty entertaining. Good work.

  5. Every time I see that picture, I get disappointed because it’s not the next Action Age project.

    Seriously. I would read the shit out of that comic.

  6. Fraction was awesome. “Who wants to talk to Brubaker?” LOL.

    This probably isn’t the right place for suggestions, but..mmm, Kurt Busiek? :D He commented on a post a week or so ago so I’m guessing he at least occasionally passes by here…plus he just announced Astro City’s going monthly again, which is all sorts of cool beans.

    And of course I’d geek out all over my fanboy shorts.

  7. Love the podcast and can’t wait for the next episode.

    And as for the allegedly ill-advised revelation, I would pay cash money for that comic. For reals.

  8. …I am not even joking.

    That scene you described where the guy is all “Is he dead?” and gets kocked out by a thrown car battery by Batman sounds like the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.

  9. Just want to say that I loved your first podcast and can’t wait for more.

    -That scene you described where the guy is all “Is he dead?” and gets kocked out by a thrown car battery by Batman sounds like the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.-

    Yup. “And he’s got a battery in each hand” just killed me.

  10. Okay, you know how in “The Marvels Project” at the beginning Matt Hawk is talking about the future superheroes of the world, and Dr. Angel I is visualizing them all in slightly inaccurate ways? Like, Daredevil is purple and The Thing has five fingers and so on?

    Well, the twist for Spider-Woman is – wait for this – [i]she’s small breasted![/i] Funny!

    That’s what we’re talking about here, right?

  11. I enjoyed the ‘cast very much, with one complaint – it’s too dashed quiet! I like to listen to this sort of thing through laptop speakers while making my dinner. If I can’t hear the nerdy banter over the sound of boiling spaghetti, well, we got problems.

  12. Volume will be fixed next episode, Kolya. At least, I hope so. I think I have the filters and levels figured out now.