This Summer…

The Zombie Pope

Nazi Werewolves

Eight Million Tons of Dynamite

And the Half-Vampire Private Eye Out To Settle Their Hash!



The Chronicles of Solomon Stone: Book One:
Enter: Solomon: Stone Me Deadly

Wrecking Your Face… Soon!

12 thoughts on “This Summer…

  1. is this an inked version of the pic you put up a while ago?



    8 million tons of dynamite is the tagline to end all taglines


  2. Love the fact that this is a dude that carries his own initials on the tread of his shoes!

    Cancel my subscription to Thrasher magazine… I’ve got a replacement!

  3. if it were a movie and not a book, it would be awesome enough that i could go and see it solo…mon. with all my terrible punning jamaican brothers.

  4. OMG that is so fake!!11one!

    The trucks on that skateboard are set way too far back on the tail, he could never ollie it to get it in the air like that.

    My willful suspension of disbelief is just completely shot.

  5. I think it’s mostly the woman’s boobs resting precariously yet lovingly on the protagonist’s head that really sell this for me. Throw a sword in there and I’ll buy like 8 copies. Nothing sells, well, any media like the inclusion of a badass sword (see: Thundercats, He-Man, Tenchu, Blade, 6-String Samurai, and the illustrious and imaginary Sword Guy: Chronicles of the Edged Blade).

  6. Now see, THAT panty shot is not gratuitous at all, given the over-the-top nature of the piece. Indeed, I’d have been sorely disappointed if it hadn’t been included.

    But I agree with #8, it needs more colons.