War Rocket Ajax #4: All Ages with Colleen Coover



After our break for Labor Day, War Rocket Ajax is back with Episode 4, featuring a conversation with one of my favorite artists, Colleen Coover, who talks to us about what it’s like to go from her creator-owned “girly porno comic” Small Favors to the all-ages fun of Banana Sunday to drawing Spider-Man and the X-Men for Marvel!

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also got Matt “King Oblivion, PhD” Wilson of The International Society of Super-Villains joining us for the rest of the show, which mostly centered around us discussing Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, plus your weekly recommended allowance of Batman, Achewood, and a special double-shot of Big Ups To All My Haters!

Thanks again to Colleen and Matt, and of course to Rusty Shackles, who outdid himself with this week’s Tabletop Fighter screen. So even if you’re subscribed via iTunes, head over there to check it out, and join us next week for Episode 5!

5 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #4: All Ages with Colleen Coover

  1. Best episode so far, especially for the comment “Colleen, please ensure your levels are way up so people can hear when driving in their car”. Much better and point proved on the 2 hour drive to work this morning. Splendid.

  2. definitely my favorite podcast every week. keep up the fantastic work, guys

  3. I’m tempted to write some horrible comments just to try and make ‘Big Up to All My Haters’.
    You didn’t ask so many questions, which you mentioned at the end, but that was quite educational. Eg-‘changing the technique, not the style’, and confronting the work around it’s restrictions.

    I would LOVE to see Colleen Coover draw Chip Zdarsky’s Marvel ideas.

  4. Also- you are correct. It’s the theme to Slaughter by Billy Preston. (I have the soundtrack and checked)