20 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. The son of a champion rodeo man and a classically trained dancer.

    Has any one smalltown thug/teen militiaman/resort dancer/post-apocalyptic warrior/zen bouncer/ghost/redneck detective/truck driver/surfing criminal mastermind/road-tripping drag queen ever so greatly personified the American experience?

    I still stand by my argument that Swayze is/was the Burt Reynolds of his day.

  2. It’s always cracked me up that two of the manliest of manly man movies ever made starred a ballet dancer.

    Pain don’t hurt, but this does.


  3. “We live here!! *Bang*

    Swayze is the only man who could kill William Smith(who also played Conan’s father in CONAN THE BARBARIAN) and stare down Ron O’Neal(SUPERFLY), all in the course of RED DAWN. RIP Patrick…

  4. If Steel Dawn is that post-apocalyptic Yojimbo riff? That movie is straight-up awesome.
    True there’s no Swayze to stand against America’s commie invaders now, but let’s face facts – if it’s an America without Swayze, it ain’t America and they’re welcome to it.

    Godspeed, Pat.

  5. Jean Claude Van Damme is ALSO a ballet dancer (seriously) but isn’t brave enough to admit that.

    Win – Patrick Swayze.

    I need to get Next of Kin on DVD.