War Rocket Ajax #7: Peace Rocket Ajax with Benito Cereno!



War Rocket Ajax zooms into its seventh spine-chilling episode as we sit down with Benito Cereno for a spoooooky chat about Hector Plasm, Tales From The Bully Pulpit and his upcoming run on the all new Tick ongoing series with artist Les McClaine! Plus, we get the inside story of his fake-feud gone wrong with former Ajax guest Matt Fraction and finally answer the question of just when was Deathlok created. And believe me, it’s an answer that might surprise you.

All that, plus comics reviews that originally included a twenty-minute discussion of A Lonely Place Of Dying when Eugene and I are joined in the third chair by the internet’s own Kevin Church, who brings us a controversial installment of Big Ups to All My Haters that earns our iTunes “Explicit” tag about eight times over in an Ajaxtravaganza that stands as our biggest episode yet!

And well it should be, because this one finishes out the first section of the podcast with a bang. But don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with a show jam-packed with special guests that includes the first on-mic appearance of Rusty Shackles! Are you ready for War Rocket Ajax: Championship Edition?!

3 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #7: Peace Rocket Ajax with Benito Cereno!

  1. I’m tending to agree with Kevin Church here. Not that I disagree with nipples before noon, but if the restaurant says no outside food, that means NO outside food.