Christmas Special: A Brief Word From Superman

Sorry kids, but the time-honored tradition of the Christmas Party trumps the Internet’s need for comics reviews tonight, so gimme a break here: It’s Christmas!

And besides, as hard as it might be to believe, there are things to consider this time of year that are slightly more important than the new issue of Iron Fist. Superman, if you’ll do the honors?



The ISB’s Favorite Charities:


Child’s Play: Helping children through the power of fun.

Reach Out And Read: Making the world a better place by teaching kids to read.

And of course…

The American Red Cross: Kicking the United Way’s ass since 1887.

17 thoughts on “Christmas Special: A Brief Word From Superman

  1. While I’ve donated to the Red Cross in the past, they are…ineffecient when it comes to fund dispersal. Their bookkeeping and orginization costs eat something like .75 of every donated dollar from what I remember…

    Still for large scale works they seem to do a decent job from what I can tell…

  2. I’m still not 100% certain that the Red Cross isn’t a covert Swiss military spying operation. Red cross, white cross. Who do they think they’re fooling?

  3. Also the United Way does that uncomfortable deal with companies forcing (or Strongly Urging) employees to donate some part of their paychecks so the companies reach a certain donation level. Give ’em hell, Red Cross! You don’t make me look at giant thermometer signs!

  4. Okay, I’m convinced. I retract my previous statement from the record.

    If you would like to donate money to charity, please find a more worthwhile cause than The United Way. I apologize for my ignorance…

  5. The American Red Cross also kicks the butt of the International Red Cross.

    And remember, if you can’t give money, give blood. Its free and they’ll give you a cookie.

  6. Last time I gave blood, they gave me pretzels. I was a little let down.

    Of course, I’m A-positive, the universal recipient, so my blood is really only good for other A-positives (who can also use any blood type around and be fine)…so maybe they save the cookies for people whose blood serves a real purpose. Like Spider-Man. Or the Hulk.

  7. I’m not allowed to give blood. It’s too full of crap from some chemo I had a few years back. If they put it in someone else, they’d grow a third arm. From their left buttcheek. Twould make it really hard to sit down. Also, to buy trousers.

  8. My blood is AB+ which is supposedly one they need because its rare, but then again I imagine they could always give the person Universal Donor blood so maybe they just want to make me feel better about being a mutant.

    Nick Davidson, do you get to say “am I strong?! Lissen bud, I’ve got radioactive blood!”?

  9. I think America’s Second Harvest is worth a look, if you’re in the Midwest.

    I wish I had an interesting blood type story. Just plain old boring O+. On the other hand, I have really deep veins, so it takes like 10 pokes to find one when I give blood, that’s kind of cool, right? Right??

    *crickets chirping*

  10. Josie and Jon: AB+ is the universal recipient. O- is the universal donor, and is the one which is in high demand.