29 thoughts on “And Then There Was The Time That Poison Ivy Had a Bikini-Clad Teenage Sidekick Named “Honeysuckle”

  1. Now you are just hunting for those weird google searches that lead to your site.

    I mean, just on your title you have “teenage”, “bikini” and “honeysuckle”

  2. I like that part of her attire includes a garter.
    i also like everything else about her… Too bad my girlfriend already has a Poison Ivy costume ready, Honeysuckle would have been even more awesome.

  3. Does this lead to a scene with Ivy, Honeysuckle, Wonder Woman and her golden lasso?


  4. Note to self; tactical preparedness calls for a cunning plan, a wise and canny mentor, not less than three hair clips, and ankle bracelets that are especially handy if you’ve been put in house arrest.

    It doesn’t call for shoes, though.

    And btw there’s no way that’s an actual bikini that’s totally pasties.

  5. I know, Naked Bunny. Like Grandma always taught me, if life gives you short shorts and elf boots, make garters and pasties.

  6. I truly feel that “More speed and less talk, Honey-Suckle!” is a line that should be worked into every work of fiction. The challenge is in making it make sense in context.

  7. Whyyy has this character not been brought back? She definitely needs to be in current comic continuity.

    Even if Harley would get jealous….

  8. Wait- a “Sexy Black Cat” costume hmmm… I think they should re-title it a cheap black cat costume- because I’m having a hard time seeing an improvement in the Sexy Quotient (SQ) of a Black Whatever Suit (Latex?, Leather – its always shiny in recent books but not in my 80s Spidey- could be because they’re collections though) cut to Bustacular dimensions but skintight everywhere else.

  9. I remember that in this issue all the Superfriends’ villains-of-the-month had gotten themselves teen sidekicks. Fortunately, our good friend Chris spared us the horror of the Flying Fish’s teen sidekick.

  10. Yeah, apparently the villains were jealous of the Superfriend’s sidekicks. In other words, Wendy and Marvin, and I am totally resisting both laughter and an urge to go on a Sean Mc-“Cleaver” rant at the same time.

  11. I feel so old. I owned this comic when i was kid. You young’uns don’t know squat, and get off my lawn, &c.